GRAW Rocks but what’s up with YouTube?

Just uploaded a nice video of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and noticed maybe the most annoying advertising form on YouTube: “The I’m a hot sexy girl who wants to chat with you – pretending to be IM window of your PC – ad”. Outch! At Yahoo! such ads are forbidden! YouTube! Whatz up d00dz? Meltdown reached you? Double-Outch…

So here is my nice GRAW rocker video:

Here is the YouTube ad – Outcheeeeee 😉


Now I know why I see the ad – – my video was scanned and they detected the song by Thin Lizzy (that I bought at iTunes for 99 cent) – but does the ad really need to be so annoying? 😀 Geeeez

I made another GRAW video (also with some nice Thin Lizzy music in the background)… check it out:


Ads in YouTube – part II

Ok, Ok… I take it back. The YouTube / Google guys didn’t lose their mind in YouTube monetization in the end. Seems they have some brain left 😀 Finally the go for premium graphical advertising.


First it looked they are going to put Google AdSense ads in every video (probably they still have the technology activated – but hey, I don’ want to see ads for cat food when watching lolcats 😉  LOL )