HTC EVO vs iPhone4

Hilarious! πŸ˜€ The guy who made this video nearly lost his job at Best Buy although he didn’t say anything about it in his video.

Personally I don’t like Google Android (that the HTC EVO runs for example) but I think it will continue to grow market-share as phone makers just need some fancy OS on their smart-phones or tablet computers. I think Google will discontinue their Nexus One bullshit thingy at some point. They already closed the online-ordering site for it. What should I say about the iPhone? For me the iPhone is still the coolest smart-phone ever built and as with all other Apple hardware or software (like the Mac and Mac OS) it was clear that some competitor will copy them one day and try to take away their business. It’s pretty weird it’s Google though. I don’t think Microsoft is really out of the game either… Windows Mobile is still a great mobile OS and the new Windows Phone 7 just looks cool. Where is Yahoo! in this mobile game BTW? Well, Yahoo! does now Apps for both platforms:

Yahoo Mail gets less Spam than other free webmail providers

Yahoo sometimes just rocks. The Fraunhofer Institute (yea, the inventors of MP3) confirmed in a scientific study that Yahoo! Mail gets less spam than other free webmail providers like Gmail or Hotmail. Presonally I can confirm that… Hotmail was horrible in terms of spam a few years ago and got better but my Yahoo Mail gets far less spam. Excellent!

More Info:

When the “Internet” and “Email” sounded hi-tech


I love this videoΒ πŸ™‚ It’s so interesting how communication evolved and how Yahoo! Mail evolved . I got my first Yahoo! Mail account around 1998 and today I work for this great company.

BTW on the upper photo we have LIAM, the Yahoo! Mail mascott – if you wonder – it’s MAIL backwards πŸ˜‰

Yodel bears & Yahoo search


“In the city of Trondheim, Norway, a group of 40 dedicated search engineers work day and night to develop one of our core technology platforms” … and they got company!


Yahoo! search engineers are doing a great job btw! Check this out:

“Last month we reported a potentially important change in search-market share trends: After years of steady decline, Yahoo’s domestic share numbers (YHOO) had increased for five months in a row.”



Great article about rewiring Yahoo!… and who is there on the second picture? My good old friend Neal Sample πŸ˜‰ The father of Yahoo! 360Β° and the god of chief architects. Rock on m8!

Photo by Pragmagraphr