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The new Wolfenstein is finally out!


So here is my little review after playing the new Wolfenstein for several hours: First of all I think the new Wolfenstein is a worthy successor for RtCW, the last Wolfenstein game. The music, the weapons, the enemies and the good old boss fights create a very nice Classic First Person Shooter atmosphere. I think it’s fun for newbies and fans of the previous games as well. There are tons of lovely details you are going recognize from the previous Wolfenstein games (if you played them) like Nazi-Soldiers shouting “Mein Leben!” when they die (Wolfenstein 3D) or Elite Guard female soldiers (RtCW). What I really like is the new “vale” view that moves you instantly in a kind of zombie dimension and allows you to see hidden doors in walls or ladders. The graphics is very good in my opnion. The id Tech 4 engines does a great job with all the lightning and bump mapping. The idea of having Eisenstadt, the city beneath Castle Wolfenstein as a starting point for each level is nice but it’s unfortunately the weakness of this game. You can move around like in a roleplaying game and buy upgrades for your weapons with gold that you can find in the missions. So far so good but it totally breaks the atmosphere due to many little glitches. Cars that you blowed up before are like new when you return. Some levels like the hospital start with an artillery attack outside but when you get inside it’s totally silent – crap!!! – I knew Raven Software is gonna mess up something! Some words about the Multi-Player: It’s not as bad as everyone says! OK, it’s not like Enemy Territory where you have large maps, tanks or other vehicles and many players but it has nice objective based maps that can compare with some epic RtCW maps like mp_castle or mp_village.

Here is a very good video review at Gametrailers:

This is the official website that has also some nice videos and other material:

IGN Blog with concept art:

… and yea, glitches? You just can’t have enough of them!

Wolfenstein Blog @ IGN


Great stuff! Really a lot of nice videos and infos about the new Wolfenstein:


This one is actually one of them:

Open Letter to the Developers of Wolfenstein


I just stumbled over this “Open Letter to the Developers of Wolfenstein”… and hell, yea! This guy is right! Where the f*** isthe crosshair??? Here it is in full length: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=column&mode=item&id=436

… and now check this out – it’s the first gameplay footage I found – there is no crosshair 😦

What I like is the style of the new multiplayer maps – some screenshot leaked – great stuff – see all of them here: http://www.wolfmap.de/comments.php?news_id=1861


New Exclusive Wolfenstein Trailer@Gametrailers


Wow, wow, wow! … the new exclusive Wolfenstein trailer is out! Really impressive! Will get the game for sure! I’m a big fan of the Wolfenstein series by idSoftware and even made custom maps for RtCW and W:ET !

Check out the trailer here: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/46994.html?type=flv

More details about the new Wolfenstein game

Good news for me 🙂 The new Wolfenstein will probably run on my P4 3Ghz, 2GB, GF 7950 box as it’s based on id Tech 4. I don’t need a new PC for it. A former employee of Activision revealed some secrets and this is one:


So you think this is all bullshit? Fantasy stories of game makers?

Watch this documentary about the real Castle Wolfenstein called Wewelsburg near Paderborn:

… the level design in Return to Castle Wolfenstein reminds me very strongly of the real castle Wewelsburg as well: