Windows 7 without IE in Europe


That’s big and in my opinion a step in the right direction. Now Windows 7 needs to bring a feature to choose from a different set of browsers. Internet Explorer 8 is for sure competitive so I think sill a lot of people will choose it as their primary browser.

… but what about the media player, firewall, messenger that’s bundled? 😀

Windows 7


I’ll probably get Windows 7 for my new Phenom II machine once it’s out. Ubuntu Ultimate is nice and stuff but that’s simply not Windows. I totally denied getting Vista but 7 looks great and finally MicroSoft is listening to user feedback 🙂 – aghemm! – finally !!!

Did I mention that I’m a real Windows fan? I always preferred it over GEOS and OS2… I started with version 2.0 around 1989 ! The Hercules monchorme graphics back then really rocked 🙂 Later I found out it can run in EGA (16 color mode) as well 😀

print ad of Windows from 1988:02big