I’m no software engineer. I know PHP but never used it really at work or a real project. I started to build a custom webshop for my wife once but never finalized it.

The only programming language that I use is Visual Basic… and I like it. Recently I created a program for cleaning up messy csv files. It took me about 3-4 hours to learn about the changes from VB6 to Visual Basic Express 2008 and get it running. Microsoft did really a great job in providing documentation about the changes.  So you can call me a BASIC programmer. 😀

Many people think of a C64 and a blinking cursor when they hear BASIC. Times changed… and I think every Windows should come with a preinstalled Visual Basic. Maybe ordinary people will start to code again.

Wasn’t Bill Gates also a BASIC programmer? I think the only software he ever created was a game in BASIC… yea and Gunnery Sergant Lee Ermey (who was a real Drill Instructor back in the 60’s and did some combat time in Vietnam) recommends it: