Designed by Apple in California

Today I set up the monitor switch between my three machines and built in the 80GB HD that I bought for the G4 Mac. Instead of making things better they got worse. With the new HD the G4 runs for only 15 seconds. LOL 😀 With the old HD it runs longer but when the system tries to turn it off & on the system crashes. Also with the old HD the Mac runs like for five minutes… so not really usable. Looks like the power suppy is too old… and it smells like burned plastic. Probably it’s nearly broken (Can I call it: near-death-experience-power-supply? 🙂 ). The 80 GB HD will go into my Athlon XP or the Pentium 4 probably. Let’s see.

A funny thing that I noticed on the back of the Mac is the “Designed by Apple in California” label… this is not “Made in USA” or something… no. It’s California. 😀 Nice!