Soviet Afghanistan Veteran: They are doomed


“They are doomed” – this is what a Soviet Afghanistan Veteran said about the US & allied troops operating there today.

Documentary clip about a Soviet chopper pilot:

… ah yea, and who messed everything up back in the 80’s? Well, the superpowers. These days we pay the price. I hope the western troops won’t make the same mistakes as the Soviets! Unfortunately it seems they do:




WTF is going on in Pakistan??? A Polish engineer who has been taken hostage got executed… in an area NOT controlled by Pakistani military??? What? They have a territory they called “Federally Administrated Tribal Area” at the border with Afghanistan and they can’t control it??? HOLLY SHIT! We wonder where Osama Bin Laden is hiding… right. Are we totally nuts?

I don’t care what the Pakistani government says. US and allied forces need to go in there and clean up in the long term!

Of course the execution was part of Taliban media war as outlined in this interview:

In general I think Taliban don’t know Polish people. Poland’s foreign minister Radosław Sikorski said we are going to get the people who killed him ( I think the terrorists should piss in their taliban-pants now. Look how ordinary Polish policeman look like. Poland has probably the best anti-terrorist forces in Europe fighting corruption & crime:

It’s a shame Poland’s government didn’t send GROM earlier… I think they had trust in the Pakistani authorities. Turned out to be a big mistake. I think GROM will go in and nobody will notice… except the terrorists. They are going to have bullets in their heads. Each of them… good night.


The siege is over. Terrorists failed. Victory!

India Shooting


Now it truns out Mumbai terrorists used Chechen tactics:

Photos: AP

War against Terror in India continues

India US Army Exercise

The dimension of this attack is enormous. Seems Commandos in India are doing a good job! Nearly over!

Call me crazy or something but I think we need something like the GDI to fight these bastard terrorists. What we have now is not efficient. Everyone including Russia and the US should work together to fight this threat. So what’s the parallel? Who would be NOD and what’s Tiberium then? NOD is like Al Qaida, Tiberium are Drugs and Kane is Osama. So here we go:

The global “Shadow War” – is Obama behind it?


I stumbled over a small news article at (Polands Yahoo-like #1 portal) about a recent US special forces recon operation in Iran:,12,item.html

This happened actually after the election of Obama… so the global “Shadow War” against these fucking Terrorists is still going on. Very good! I hope Omaba will keep the pressure up! I’m against the war in Iraq but 100% convinced that only Special-Ops can stop the global terror and prevent further terrorist attacks.

More Information: