Wii HD set for 2011 launch?


Very interesting. One of the reasons why I didn’t buy the Wii (and I love the Wii-Mote controller) has been the weak graphic capabilities. Recently I played the Star Wars Wii version. Outch! The game looked worser than Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy that is based on the old Quake 3 Arena engine. At least the first level where you play Darth Vader… but the Lightsaber control with the Wii-Mote & Nunchuk really rocked!

Here the review (that I agree in most points):

… so I hope graphics, cpu power & storage will get better in the next Wii 🙂

This is how Jedi Academy Multiplayer (PC) looks like:

BTW: I created a custom multiplayer map for Jedi Academy: