Presidential election in Poland

Although I live in Munich, Germany I voted yesterday in the first round of the presidential election in Poland (where I originally come from). It’s the first election ever for me. I voted because it’s the first election since the tragedy where Poland’s president Lech Kaczynski died. I feel it’s very important as it will set the political direction for the next few years.

I voted for Komorowski yesterday. I hope everyone else who voted for him in the first round will also vote in the second round! Jaroslaw Kaczynski is a trouble-maker who scares people in Poland with his CBA (central anti-corruption office) raids and doesn’t make friends either in western Europe nor Russia. Kaczynski lies about the health system and claims his opponent will sell Poland to foreign countries!

Election coverage on Poland’s #1 portal Onet:

More info about Komorowski:


Polish soldiers on the red square

What many people might not know is that after the epic defeat in 1939 by Nazi-Germany Polish forces regrouped in western Europe and Russia and fought on the side of British, US and even Soviet forces. They liberated Monte Cassino in Italy and moved into Berlin for the final capture of the German capital. When WWII ended Polish forces have been missing in the victory parade in 1945 in London! Poland has fallen into the Soviet domain and Churchill didn’t want to anger Stalin. So the picture of Polish soldiers on the red square in the 65th victory anniversary parade in Moscow is really something new! A late acknowledgment of the polish contribution of victory in WWII.



Russia fucks up history


September 1. is the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II

World War II began like everyone knows with the attack of Nazi-Germany and Soviet Russia on Poland in 1939. Later Germany attacked Soviet Russia. Now Medvedev, Putin and his FSB/SWR (the KGB successor organization) comrades try to manipulate the history telling that Poland has been an ally of Nazi-Germany by spreading fake documentaries and aggressive press releases on that topic. The allegations are ridiculous saying that the foreign minister of Poland in 1939 was a German agent and that there has been a secret pact between Germany and Poland aimed at Russia signed in 1934… oh boy! That can’t be true – Soviets have been very good in manipulating history but these times should be over – it’s a shame

More info on the  Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact that defined the division of Poland between the Nazis and the Soviets:–Ribbentrop_Pact


Russian and German soldiers after the invasion on Poland

More on (in Polish) can be found here:,temat.html

New plan for Afghanistan


“The new strategy will call for an additional 4,000 troops from the 4th brigade, 82nd Airborne Division out of Fort Bragg, N.C. , to train Afghan forces, U.S. officials said. As the administration trickles in more forces, it will also “surge” of hundreds diplomats and civilian specialists to help run elections, fighting rampant corruption and battle increased narcotics trafficking. It also calls for tripling economic aid to Pakistan.”


Doesn’t sound too bad – together Allied forces can do it! Check out this nice video of the Polish “Alfa” combat group in Afghanistan.


10 years of NATO membership


It’s now 10 years since Poland joined the NATO. A historic moment and a win-win situation for the Western Allies and the Polish Army!

The Polish Army is serving in the hottest war zones – protecting the peace in places like Afhanistan

More Information (in Polish):

These days the Polish PLZ Mielec (that has been aquired by US Sikorsky) is delivering the first parts of the S-70iTM BLACK HAWK helicopter. Great stuff! Check out this nice Black Hawk video. The new BLACK HAWK will be build entirely by Mielec in future BTW.

According to the Polish airfoce has now 48 F-16 multirole jet fighters additonaly to the Mig-29 & SU-22 fleet. Impressive!

Stimulus Bill Will Lead To Unmitigated Disaster


“The fiscal stimulus bill being debated in Congress not only won’t help the economy, it will make the recession much worse, says Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital.”

100% agree – I come from Poland, a former communist country. The Obama “more government” approach in the economy reminds me very much of the socialist way of handling the economy and doing reforms! In 1970’s first party  secretary of Poland Gierek promised economic reform and instituted a program to modernize industry and increase the availability of consumer goods, doing so mostly through foreign loans (… LOL ! That sounds like Obama! Later in the 1980’s we have seen a hyperinflation of the Polish Zloty ( just like Peter Schiff predicts for the USA!

Muuuahaha! SCARY!

Memories of cold war


New Russian-Cuban friendship. LOL – yea… you are kidding me. For me this is again Russian Diplomacy chess strategy on the global map. How will Omaba react? Is he going to move the missile shield planned in Poland & Czech to the Marshall Islands? If he does he risks a withdraw of Polish & Chech Troops from Afghanistan. Very interesting situation. The press plays here a very important role lately. Press releases with an unknown origin about the cancellation of Russian Iskander Missile deployment go out. Great! Cold war politics! 🙂 … and this is happening in the middle of the global financial crysis but maybe Obama will know how to use that as well?