Mickey Mouse Obama


The topic is maybe not the most up to date but it’s just right for me today (sitting sick at home with headache). Obama and his Mickey Mouse diplomacy. I always thought that this guy is cleverer than Bush – No chance! He called the Czech prime minister at midnight out of bed just to tell him that he’s gonna cancel the missile defense shield deal but what’s MUCH BETTER is the date he has chosen to call the Polsih prime minister: The 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland! I call this total ignorance. Many Americans have the great talent to ignore European culture (Believe me, I work at an American company) but what Obama has done is total madness. Now Putin is going to piss on him…

… the irony couldn’t be better. Obama, who promised a lot and reached nothing yet gets the Nobel prize. For what? For his ignorant Mickey Mouse diplomacy and ignoring Eastern Europe?

Artwork by Snuggles – http://www.flickr.com/photos/ihatesnuggles/

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Here is a funny video I found – Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama – check it out


New plan for Afghanistan


“The new strategy will call for an additional 4,000 troops from the 4th brigade, 82nd Airborne Division out of Fort Bragg, N.C. , to train Afghan forces, U.S. officials said. As the administration trickles in more forces, it will also “surge” of hundreds diplomats and civilian specialists to help run elections, fighting rampant corruption and battle increased narcotics trafficking. It also calls for tripling economic aid to Pakistan.”

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/mcclatchy/20090327/wl_mcclatchy/3199047_1

Doesn’t sound too bad – together Allied forces can do it! Check out this nice video of the Polish “Alfa” combat group in Afghanistan.

Info: http://www.terrorismfiles.org/countries/afghanistan.html



I’m sure most Americans don’t even know where Kyrgyzstan is on the map (would you know?) but what’s happening right now is an effect of Obamas “we are your friends” approach. Russians laugh about Obama and buy the Kyrgyz government meanwhile! The USA just lost an essential airbase that supports US troops in Afghanistan. … well done Obama? I still have a lot of trust in him but the insane stimulous package and his softie foreign policy makes me change my opinion quite rapidly… yes we can? do we? Ouch…

Image: http://maps.yahoo.com

Stimulus Bill Will Lead To Unmitigated Disaster


“The fiscal stimulus bill being debated in Congress not only won’t help the economy, it will make the recession much worse, says Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital.”


100% agree – I come from Poland, a former communist country. The Obama “more government” approach in the economy reminds me very much of the socialist way of handling the economy and doing reforms! In 1970’s first party  secretary of Poland Gierek promised economic reform and instituted a program to modernize industry and increase the availability of consumer goods, doing so mostly through foreign loans (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Gierek)… LOL ! That sounds like Obama! Later in the 1980’s we have seen a hyperinflation of the Polish Zloty (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_z%C5%82oty) just like Peter Schiff predicts for the USA!

Muuuahaha! SCARY!

Memories of cold war


New Russian-Cuban friendship. LOL – yea… you are kidding me. For me this is again Russian Diplomacy chess strategy on the global map. How will Omaba react? Is he going to move the missile shield planned in Poland & Czech to the Marshall Islands? If he does he risks a withdraw of Polish & Chech Troops from Afghanistan. Very interesting situation. The press plays here a very important role lately. Press releases with an unknown origin about the cancellation of Russian Iskander Missile deployment go out. Great! Cold war politics! 🙂 … and this is happening in the middle of the global financial crysis but maybe Obama will know how to use that as well?

Obama’s Blackberry


I was so proud of my own Blackberry when I noticed that Omaba is also caring one on a trip to Hawaii before his inauguration. Great feeling! Is he really so addicted to his mobile phone or is this all just a marketing campaign? First it looked like he’s going to be forced to give it away but now they loaded tons of encryption software on his device to make it secure.





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Obama’s review

3022653956_27edfed780_oMilitary.com poll of Nov 5th 2008

Closing Guantanamo is like the easiest Obama could do. He also announced special envoys for Afghanistan-Pakistan and Gaza… and the best: CIA and NSA should be controlled in a better way. LOL – Obama needs to be very careful or the guys from the secret services are going to remove him very quickly.

In General the “review” on the war on terror doesn’t look right to me. It’s similar to corporate re-orgs. Put a product manger here and there – consolidate – mess up the work of people who put much effort on something.

Obama can do really a lot wrong in a very short time. Guantanamo was hell for terrorists but these people are NOT innocent. I remember the case of a Muslim guy coming from Germany who has been captured in the mountains of Afghanistan. He ended up in Guantanamo. German media tried convince the public that this guy is innocent and that the USA is evil. Hey! What was this guy doing in Afghanistan? Walking and enjoying the nice view? Definitively not! In my opinion the war on terror is far from being over and the USA needs to keep up the pressure. Closing Guantanamo might be a wrong signal at the moment I think.  For sure it’s a shame for a democratic country like the USA so it had to be closed FTW.

Seems also that his “review” of the Gaza conflict is more conservative. He told Hamas to stop firing rockets. That’s ok – but again … cheap?!

Now I expect him to review the missile defense shield in Poland and Czech Republic. The contract has been signed and both countries are looking forward to get the anti-missile system and additional Patriot-SAMs installed. US troops should get there too according to the agreement. I hope he doesn’t do anything wrong here. Otherwise I think the NATO members Poland and Czech Republic will withdraw troops from Afghanistan! Oh dear!

MicroSoft, Nokia, Intel & Sony are getting into the financial crisis meanwhile. 2009 will be a really tough year for the economy. What a shame! These are really good companies. The company I work for (Yahoo) reduced workforce last year. Other companies like AMD did that as well. Omaba should focus on fixing the economy not messing up the security of the civilized world!

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090122/ap_on_go_pr_wh/obama_rdp;_ylt=Amdk4VgbFS78Kc_8IevW6cGyFz4D