I’m no software engineer. I know PHP but never used it really at work or a real project. I started to build a custom webshop for my wife once but never finalized it.

The only programming language that I use is Visual Basic… and I like it. Recently I created a program for cleaning up messy csv files. It took me about 3-4 hours to learn about the changes from VB6 to Visual Basic Express 2008 and get it running. Microsoft did really a great job in providing documentation about the changes.  So you can call me a BASIC programmer. 😀

Many people think of a C64 and a blinking cursor when they hear BASIC. Times changed… and I think every Windows should come with a preinstalled Visual Basic. Maybe ordinary people will start to code again.

Wasn’t Bill Gates also a BASIC programmer? I think the only software he ever created was a game in BASIC… yea and Gunnery Sergant Lee Ermey (who was a real Drill Instructor back in the 60’s and did some combat time in Vietnam) recommends it:

Microsoft reduces prices on Office

OpenOffice scared the hell out of Microsoft! They are reducing prices on Microsoft Office! Wow!

IMHO OpenOffice is better and it’s for free. Most important it doesn’t make you feel so lost like Office 2007. They should also reduce prices on Vista, before the same happens with people moving to Linux distros like Ubuntu Ultimate.