Medion Lifetab E7316


Most reviews I read about the Medion Lifetab E7316 indicate the reviewers haven’t had the real device for testing and just tried to assess the specifications. I bought it on day-1 when it became available at my local Aldi store in Munich. I had to return the first device as it had a hardware problem with the touchscreen. A part of the touchscreen didn’t react to inputs randomly. My local Aldi supermarket changed it without any problems to a new one even though I bought it in a different location. I was lucky they still had a device I could get two days after the start of the sale. As I expected it was sold out but the lady at the supermarket pulled out the show case device for me. Let’s recap my experience with the device so far.


  • Fast Cortex A9 ARM Quad-Core SoC with 1,6 GHz. Games like Need for Speed Most Wanted, Nova 3, Dead Trigger 2 or Modern Combat 4 run smoothly.
  • Android Jelly Bean. Pretty recent version with Google Play Store. Other low-cost tablets don’t even have that.
  • Visually appealing design with brushed metal on the back.
  • The black borders might look strange but are good for holding it.
  • Lightweight. It’s amazing how convenient it is holding the tablet.
  • Front and rear camera are nothing special but good enough for Skype and funny shots. I don’t think anyone really uses tablets for photography.
  • Sound volume is sufficient on 100%. Not that long ago tablets had much worse speakers.
  • Sufficient battery life with 4 hours. That’s fine for normal usage at home. It gets charged at night and used during the day.
  • Price: 99 EUR is simply outstanding!


  • The display. It’s only 1024×600, not very sharp and has poor viewing angles. For games and video this is fine but longer reading hurts the eyes. The brightness can be turned up though.
  • 8 GB. Only 5,7 GB of are available for Apps. For casual games that’s OK but not for having several blockbuster titles installed at the same time.
  • The SD Card setup sucks. Photos are not saved to external cards when inserted. The internal memory emulates an SD card already. Apps can’t be moved to the SD card without rooting the tablet, using Link2SD or GL to SD and specially partitioned  SD cards. This doesn’t always work though . Link2SD or GL to SD sometimes can’t move games or loses either the link to the files on the SD card or even the entire mounting script.

The device is sold as Medion but it’s a Lenovo, the parent company of Medion from China that might be more familiar in general. The identifier is buried deep inside the system information though. The performance in benchmarks is on paid with the Asus Nexus 7:

Recap: The Lifetab E7316 is just perfect for gaming and doesn’t cost much.