Blender Video Tutorials

Blender 3D is an awesome piece of open-source software but it’s not the most user friendly program. I’m using it for additional objects and normalmap-baked textures in level design. Now I found a very nice site with video tutorials:

This guy seems to have a background as a teacher so the lessons are very professional. For more advanced 3D tutorials related to level and game design check Katbits:

Check out my own level design website as well:

The tutorials are for the “stable” Blender 2.49… what’s upcoming now is 2.5 and it looks awesome!


Early Project PKiN


I thought I show everyone what I’m working on (hobby-wise 😉 ) in terms of level design:

work in progress – early test of atmosphere and textures

BTW: The music is not intended. I had iTunes running in the background when I recorded the video.

Screens from the SDK editor (also work in progress):




Check out my other level design projects:

Project PKiN: Get the proportions right


In my recent Quake Wars level design project PKiN (Palac Kultury i Nauki – btw, the building is probably the most significant skyscraper in Warsaw) it is very important to get the proportions right.

First I imported a Google Earth model in Blender, rebuilt half of the geometry as it got sucked in by the import script 😉 , then exported as OBJ, imported in the SDK and now placed on a plan that is actually a little map. 🙂 Next I will start rebuilding the the model that I imported in brushes and then add more and more detail.

Track the progress here:

Adlerhorst TE

I’m working on a Tournament Edition of my Adlerhorst map. Check out some feautres:

Open balcony at the Adlerhorst itself

Open balcony at the Adlerhorst itself

More cover for Allies

More cover for Allies

A nice place for Allied snipers.

A nice place for Allied snipers.

Axis can now better defend the bridge. I added a bunker.

Axis can now better defend the bridge. I added a bunker.