Clone and be cloned

Usually it’s Apple products and inventions that get copied or if you want “stolen”. The list of examples is endless starting with Microsoft Windows that is an evident rip-off of Mac OS. The most recent example is Google Android that is a rip-off of the Apple iOS and HTC that just can’t stop borrowing ideas from the Apple iPhone.

It always has been like this and probably it won’t change… but wait, hold on for a moment. Isn’t Steve Jobs the master-ripper, the king of the idea-thiefs who stole the UI for Mac OS from Xerox? There is no clear answer IMHO.

Xerox PARC has been a research facility that was intended to inspire people. Apple paid them in stocks and moreover hired some people from there and continued the development of the graphical user interface so it was not exactly stealing the idea (More about this epic “inspiration”: & Steve basically took a very promising concept, put some work in it and then brought it to the market. The iPad is the same FTW! It’s no Apple invention but they took this promising concept (everyone thought it’s dead BTW) improved it and brought this great product to the market.

Right now the other Steve over at Microsoft wonders what went wrong with the slate/tablet PC running XP, Vista or 7. Why is it not selling? (More: He probably knows the answer!

Yes, it’s the developers and the software that makes the iPad unique. It’s the tons of great apps that run on iPhone and iPad. All designed to work with the touch technology. In the end the iPad is software just as the Mac is. Ever wondered why Apple is so determined on the Psystar Mac clones? It’s because they exactly know that it’s Mac OS X that makes a Mac. The box you run it on doesn’t really matter. The Amtek iTablet ( on the image below will never be a true competitor for the Apple iPad because it doesn’t have this huge amount of mobile software that Apple has in the App-Store.

In my opinion the worst that could happen right now to Apple is that Google Android tablets kills the iPad. I start seeing them everywhere for less money than the iPad. A good example is the 1&1 Smart Pad in Germany ( So what was that about “don’t be evil” at Google? They are trying to “get their foot in the door” in many areas. So far they only really succeeded in search. I hope they stop messing around so much in areas where they don’t belong. It’s what Microsoft has been doing for many years and they didn’t become very popular with this approach.

BTW: Wozniak confirms the controversy between Apple and Google 😉 … and Schmidt can’t answer a simple question: “how the fuck is Google making money with Android”. Not sure but Google is in general such a mess that maybe someone forgot about that or Schmidt just doesn’t want to answer!

Image by Jesus Belzunce

How the iPad will change the internet


On the upper photo you can see Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. So what are they talking about? The person who took the photo said they were talking about web content. I think Eric is absolutely aware that the iPad and the iPhone are a true threat to Google. Why? They change the way you start web browsing. On the PC you opened your browser and went to a front page like Yahoo or MSN or searched something on your browser search box or in Google directly. On the iPad you tap on the icon of a news paper or a service to get to your destination. You tap on a Mail icon to check your Mail etc. … so you don’t really need Google as your starting point anymore. In my opinion the iPad will get tons of low-price-clones running Windows or Linux and in the end there will be a new device in most homes, a tablet computer for surfing the Internet.

This is an example how a very well designed navigation looks like on the iPad with the Yahoo! Entertainment App:



Finally it’s out and probably I will get one as a replacement for the old G4 PowerBook that we are using at home as a Couch-Internet-Surfing-Device. What I miss in it is a DVD drive for watching movies and a simple USB port. Apple announced a USB-converter called “iPad Camera Connection Kit” so you can get your photos on the iPad but IMHO it should be just there. Of course you can get movies via iTunes and then watch them on the iPad but DVDs are something you can buy everywhere and watch wherever you want. If you watched the Apple Keynote you maybe noticed that the New York Times didn’t have ads when Steve Jobs presented it… that’s because the Mobile Safari doesn’t have Macromedia Flash. For me the web experience is not complete without Flash so I think Apple needs to do something here! It amazed me as well that the iPad can’t handle multitasking so you wouldn’t be able to write an email and listen to music at the same time. A nice to have would be a webcam… but hey, for surfing the internet, checking emails and watching youtube videos it’s perfect!

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