The WeTab – the Mercedes of Tablet computers

Nope, it’s not the Volkswagen of Tablet computers. For sure not! Just read the specs but later more about that… The Apple G4 Titatnium PowerBook that we are using at home broke recently (my wife spilled water over the keyboard) and I started looking for a device that would replaced it. My first thought: the Apple iPad as it’s a great “Couch Internet Surfing Device” (it should get the acronym CISD 😀 = Tablets + Netbooks)… then I talked to my wife and she said she wants to keep watching DVDs on it (with earphones when our daughter sleeps for example). Basically that’s something you can’t do with the iPad without jail-breaking it.

After some research I found the WeTab, a tablet computer that has been in the German IT press  because of the CEO of the company who rated it positively on That’s more or less illegal. Nothing uncommon in the business IMHO but he has been caught doing it. I have seen the WeTab recently in the print advertising of some large discounters too. Even MediaMarkt, the largest German electronics store chain started selling it.

The specs of the WeTab STRUCK me! Everything I waited for! USB that can connect external DVD and HD drives for watching movies and storing large photo archives. It runs Adobe Flash… very important for us as our daughter is watching free cartoons at and they run only with Flash. It has a Webcam for Skype video calling with my uncle in Poland and even HDMI for connecting it to a TV! WOW! If the iPad is the Ford of tablet computers then this is truly the Mercedes. Quality made (better: designed) in Germany! …and the price?… it’s really competitive: 450€ for the basic 16GB model and 570€ for the 3G model with 32GB + GPS. Impressive! Moreover it runs the open-source MeeGo Linux that emulates Android so apps won’t be any problem in future. Productivity apps like the complete OpenOffice suite come with the WeTab too (for free – at Apple you would pay 10$ for each).

Today the Mac repair service guy called ( from Munich BTW – a great 3rd party Apple repair service) and told me the G4 is fixed (they had to replace the keyboard) but I will still get the WeTab FOR SURE! (probably around February when my company pays the bonus). The possibilities of the WeTab fully convinced me. Probably I will go for the 3G model so I can use it to surf the web while going to work with the bus.

More info:

Community with Linux-fans running the WeTab with the rootshell (and without): (German)