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Victory for Europe and the European customers! The one billion-euro fine on Intel by the European is based on facts. I wouldn’t be able to prove it but from what I’ve seen Intel really manipulated the market and tried to kill AMD and also Intel brainwashed customers – they now think Intel is really better for them – I know a lot of such people. Bullshit ads with “Intel Inside” make you think AMD is cheap junk and that is not true. I have now an AMD Phenom II machine and it was the best choice for me. Not too expensive – really powerful – just right!


Overclockers hit 6GHz – AMD vs. Intel clockwar


Maybe it’s funny what the guys at Tom’s Hardware Overclock Competition 2008 did but totally useless for everyone else. They cooled an Intel Core 2 Duo 8600 with liquid nitrogen and overclocked it to 6GHz. Nice… but is anyone going to put a bottle of liquid nitrogen in his PC just to run it on 6GHz for a moment? No… So we all can forget about that. I bet that the Phenom II 6GHz OC test run that AMD confirmed has been also done with liquid nitrogen.

So is this all a coincidence? No, I don’t think so. I think that AMD and Intel support all the OC scene meanwhile. I think that it’s just like with BMW supporting and sponsoring Formula 1 for example. You can get nice press coverage. It’s like free advertising. Your brand name everywhere! How smart! 😉

Phenom II at 6GHz OC confimrmed by AMD:

Toms Hardware OC competition record of 6,2GHz:

Just see how prominent the Intel logo is in the Toms Hardware article is. Coincidence or product placement? Personally I think that clockwars are back. I bet we will see CPUs with up to 4GHz next year in stores.


Wink wink! 😉 See the Intel logos? Nice sponsoring!


All photos from the OCC Tom’s Hardware competition: