I switched back to Internet Explorer after using Firefox for a few years (on my machine at home) and I have to admit that I miss some features that came with Firefox or could be easily installed via an add-on. In particular it’s the spell checker and mouse gestures that I miss. Both come with the IE7Pro add-on and it brings a lot of other features like an ad blocker or a download manager for example. OK, the features are not that perfect or very convenient but it’s better than nothing. For example you don’t have a page with additional dictionaries to select from for the spell checker like in Firefox. You have to download an OpenOffice oxt dictionary, unpack it, rename and copy the files in the appropriate folder… pretty complicated IMHO. The mouse gestures don’t work as expected. Mouse down and right closes a website but not the tab. Nevertheless this is the best add-on compilation for Internet Explorer that I know. If you are an Internet Explorer user you have to check it out: