Liberty City

When Grand Theft Auto IV came out around 2008 I have been pretty excited but I didn’t buy it because of all the problems with ATI graphic cards. Moreover it required registration at two online services in order to play it. Recently I bought GTA Vice City and GTA IV as used games at I finished GTA Vice City in 36 hours (here the evidence – the last mission on video: and started playing GTA IV now.

What stunned me most as a hobby level designer is the extremely detailed imitation of New York called Liberty City in the game. It’s just amazing how much work has been put in all the architecture.

It’s the first title that puts my AMD Dragon-Platform Phenom II X4 machine with 4GB RAM and an ATI 4830 to the limits! Sure it runs super-smooth with the default settings but that’s not fun. I turned them up to the maximum that 512MB VRAM allow! What makes GTA Vice City and GTA IV so unique is the music that is played when you are driving the car. No kidding… I started listening to 80’s music after playing Vice City. It influenced me so much… GTA IV has some awesome rap and hip hop tracks that really fit into the New York scenario and make the atmosphere perfect!

Interesting videos about GTA behind the scenes:

Funny that even Obama mentioned GTA when it launched!

… and just in case you haven’t seen the game yet:


Fusion not for GTA 4?


AMD’s Fusion plan sounds great, but in the case of GTA 4 for the PC it totally failed. The game doesn’t run on ATI cards. Hope they will release a patch or new drivers soon.

More information about Fusion:

GTA 4 (PC): Radeon graphics cards cause crashes:,669170/News/GTA_4_PC_Radeon_graphics_cards_cause_crashes_-_patch_en-route/

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