HTC EVO vs iPhone4

Hilarious! 😀 The guy who made this video nearly lost his job at Best Buy although he didn’t say anything about it in his video.

Personally I don’t like Google Android (that the HTC EVO runs for example) but I think it will continue to grow market-share as phone makers just need some fancy OS on their smart-phones or tablet computers. I think Google will discontinue their Nexus One bullshit thingy at some point. They already closed the online-ordering site for it. What should I say about the iPhone? For me the iPhone is still the coolest smart-phone ever built and as with all other Apple hardware or software (like the Mac and Mac OS) it was clear that some competitor will copy them one day and try to take away their business. It’s pretty weird it’s Google though. I don’t think Microsoft is really out of the game either… Windows Mobile is still a great mobile OS and the new Windows Phone 7 just looks cool. Where is Yahoo! in this mobile game BTW? Well, Yahoo! does now Apps for both platforms:

How the iPad will change the internet


On the upper photo you can see Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. So what are they talking about? The person who took the photo said they were talking about web content. I think Eric is absolutely aware that the iPad and the iPhone are a true threat to Google. Why? They change the way you start web browsing. On the PC you opened your browser and went to a front page like Yahoo or MSN or searched something on your browser search box or in Google directly. On the iPad you tap on the icon of a news paper or a service to get to your destination. You tap on a Mail icon to check your Mail etc. … so you don’t really need Google as your starting point anymore. In my opinion the iPad will get tons of low-price-clones running Windows or Linux and in the end there will be a new device in most homes, a tablet computer for surfing the Internet.

This is an example how a very well designed navigation looks like on the iPad with the Yahoo! Entertainment App:


In Game Ads

Do Stogg (Alien Race in Quake Wars) like LRECs?

Do Stogg (Alien Race in Quake Wars) like LRECs?

In an internal All-Hands here at Yahoo! in Munich I asked our SVP, Advertiser & Publisher Group about ads in games and if we want to experiment with that. My question brought up just an ignoring grin on his face. The answer was no, but we might build a game for an advertiser. OK… Rich

A few days later Google announced their flashy AdSense for Games. BOOM !

I know In-Game-Ads from Battlefield 2142 & Quake Wars and the ads have been quite a controversial topic:

(You might want to check the comment & the follow up in the forum if you are interested)

This is how the Intel ad campaign in Battlefield 2142 looks like:

The Intel ad is like on the end of the video. Intel also ordered a custom map for BF2 & BF2142 at DICE… I bet they spent quite a bunch of money at EA/DICE as Battlefield is more or less in maintenance-mode:

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