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Ghost Recon Tribute


I made a little sceenshot compilation of Ghost Recon. The game came out about 7 years ago!!! …and for 2001 the graphics  is really great!

The really fascinating thing about the game is that it predicted the war in Georgia this year. Even the press brought a story about captured US soldiers ( Not sure if it’s really true but it seems US Army trained the Georgians.

Check out my tribute to the game: is the most comprehensive site about the Ghost Recon series. I started playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfigter now and there you are a next-generation soldier. Quite fun stuff and not that far away from reality today. Most fun is the use of drones to sight enemies IMHO. 🙂 The guys also put together a nice compilation of magazine covers showing the game:


Full view:

GRAW is really great! I regret a little bit that I didn’t notice the game earlier but probably all GRAW stuff came out for Xbox first with very late PC versions. Here is a nice GRAW video:

Ghost Recon

Image by Jeffrey Li

I found a CD with Ghost Recon that came with a graphics card that I bought a while ago (I think it was the MSI 5700 Ultra that I toased by overclocking it). The game came out in 2001 and predicted the war in Georgia in 2008. I was suprised by the quality of the graphics that looks very much like the Unreal Engine to me. I found some reference about this on Of course the engine is really far behind the current Unreal Technology used in Unreal Tournament III. The original Unreal Tournament is free meanwhile. Check out this Yahoo Group to learn more about that: … there are still a lot of nice servers with custom maps running. I was surprised how many players this game still has.

This is the intro of Ghost Recon. Ultra nationalists? Could be Putin 😉

I took some screenshots in one of the maps. If there was an award for the nicest low-poly-city Ghost Recon would get it for sure!




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