The hero of the day


This is what I call a good pilot. Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III – the guy who landed the plane on the Hudson river.

Personally I look at the pilot every time I get into a plane if I get a chance to. No kidding… and hell, I KNOW what a stall is! This is what Sally manged to avoid when lading on the water! Jesus! He did a fantastic job with landing the plane.

I’m a flight simulator fan and played these kind of games since getting my ZX Spectrum 48K homecomputer as a 9 year old child! Later on the PC I played the MicroSoft Flight Simulator, I think starting from version 3.0 (I first had a 286  then a 486 and then a Pentium and later different Athlons).

BTW: I found a video of the ZX Spectrum Flight Sim 😀 LOL !

Here is a compilation of the MS Flight Sim versions:

Today I stopped playing the “peacful” simulators and prefer something with more action! 🙂

IL-2 “Smert” Sturmovik! (the latest 1946 edition)

Wings over Europe: Cold War Soviet Invasion