Amazon keyword fail

Enter “pc vernetzen” (meaning”connect your pc”) at – now look – isn’t this proving that paid keywords are evil? 😀 … but maybe this is some kind of “not deleted” easter egg? Or some evil intern put this online? Who knows… maybe even the Product Manger for keyword search at Amazon doesn’t know… really a mystery! Pahh… 😉


Original Amazon-Fail-URL:

Reflection fail

I love this stuff! 😛 I worked with Photoshop a lot in the past. I can really feel the pain. 😉 Sometimes real photos just look better guys!

Everyone who tried to make a reflection in Photoshop has to bookmark this blog:


Outch! What’s wrong with the girl on the real reflection btw? She is a real computer geek girl who loves her notebook and will become the leading rocket scientist and invent the next space shuttle!


Do you see the 4GB on the reflection? Nice…


Just if you wonder… reflections don’t work like this!


Disgusting! These people look like on an old 1940’s Agfacolor photo on the top. In the reflection you see their real faces.