The chat screenshot conspiracy

Probably you heard about the school killing in Winnenden. One day after it happened the German police presented a screenshot in a press conference showing the announcement of this terrible massacre in a Chat-Room. I’ve been so curious that I searched for more information on the same day and got to the Chat site that has been on the screenshot. The site was down due to too many requests but it had a little message on it telling that the screenshot is a Photoshop fake. To me the Chat screenshot didn’t look authentic either – but you can never know. The next day it turned out that the screenshot was a fake indeed!

Germany School Attack

The German police admitted the mistake meanwhile. Now they are saying the expectations have been so high that they had to show something. (More Info:

… but what if?

What if it was intended and no mistake at all?

Just ask yourself who profits from such a public disinformation showing a Chat-Service involved in a school killing?

Right, the same people who asked in Germany for the “Online-Durchsuchung” and the “Bundes-Trojaner”. This is a kind of authorization for the police (or secret service) to hack your computer by using a troyan virus-like program. Nice, isn’t it? My little conspiracy theory?