Finally I ordered the parts for my new PC! A very reasonable configuration – best value IMHO – based on the AMD Dragon platform. I’m going to put them in the case of an old Medion P4 that I got from a colleague. Will post more soon!








Infos about the AMD Dragon platform:

BTW: I ordered at HPM Computer, a recommendation from the forum – Infos:

ATI Stream & Nvidia CUDA


There are many great things that can make your PC faster… but wait. There is a second powerful processor in your machine already that you might not be aware of. It’s the GPU of your graphics card. ATI & Nvidia are going the right way. There are so many things the GPU can do. I’m encoding quite a lot of videos lately. Just check the chart above. Lower is better and notice the price of the AMD platform. This is what I call vaule. Physics or Artificial Intelligence in games – why do they have to use one of the cores of a Multi-Core-CPU? The GPU can provide the rendering power for that.

More Information:


Q: Why are reviewers seeing so little GPU processing during transcoding?
A: The ATI Video Converter uses the GPU for only a portion of the video encoding. Specifically, the GPU currently offloads only the motion estimation portion of the encoding pipeline which is the most compute intensive part of the encoder. The GPU is particularly well-suited for this task. Given that a fixed workload is being offloaded to the GPU the load on the GPU may be relatively low or high based on the specific model of GPU.

Seems that ATI’s Stream got a little bit in bad light becasue it’s using only little GPU processing during transcoding but I guess that problems will be solved soon:

First Phenom II benchmarks


Fist results look great! Check out details here:

Phenom II @ 6 GHz


Ok, I mean it’s great… but ridiculous. I want to see real overclocking all-time-records with liquid cooling but not with liquid nitrogen! Yea, like anyone would run his PC for 5 minutes cooled with liquid nitrogen.

More Info (in German):,671469/News/Phenom_II-CPU_bis_5/925_GHz_Takt/

Phenom II launch – but when?


I want to get a Phenom II AMD CPU. Rumors say it will be available in early January (the 8th as some sources mention) but that seems to be either a silent launch or an announcement date. Maybe this will be just a launch of the 125W AM2+ model for upgraders? Not sure… I want to get a new mainboard and memory for it so I guess for me it makes to most sense to wait for the DDR3 mainboards (that are not available yet) but on the other hand I don’t want to wait so long. Humm… 😀 the German PC Games Hardware guys seem to have a test-CPU already. In the January issue they published some useful information (like AM2+ mainboard compatiblity) but no benchmarks yet, I hope they will publish some nice benchmarks February.


Here are some nice charts about the Phenom II:




AMD Phenom II – The power to do it all.


I spotted a nice article about the new Phenom II CPU by AMD and the Dragon platform (basically a combination of Phenom II CPU, 790GX mainboard & the ATI 4800 series graphics card):

I think I’m going to wait till Q1 with getting new hardware then. The Dragon platform looks really promising! I hope the prices for the new next generation AMD platform will look reasonable too.


Dragon is a 3GHz Phenom II, 790GX and an ATI 4800 series

Spider is a 2,6GHz Phenom, 790FX and ATI 3800 series

Overclockers hit 6GHz – AMD vs. Intel clockwar


Maybe it’s funny what the guys at Tom’s Hardware Overclock Competition 2008 did but totally useless for everyone else. They cooled an Intel Core 2 Duo 8600 with liquid nitrogen and overclocked it to 6GHz. Nice… but is anyone going to put a bottle of liquid nitrogen in his PC just to run it on 6GHz for a moment? No… So we all can forget about that. I bet that the Phenom II 6GHz OC test run that AMD confirmed has been also done with liquid nitrogen.

So is this all a coincidence? No, I don’t think so. I think that AMD and Intel support all the OC scene meanwhile. I think that it’s just like with BMW supporting and sponsoring Formula 1 for example. You can get nice press coverage. It’s like free advertising. Your brand name everywhere! How smart! 😉

Phenom II at 6GHz OC confimrmed by AMD:

Toms Hardware OC competition record of 6,2GHz:,news-241988.html

Just see how prominent the Intel logo is in the Toms Hardware article is. Coincidence or product placement? Personally I think that clockwars are back. I bet we will see CPUs with up to 4GHz next year in stores.


Wink wink! 😉 See the Intel logos? Nice sponsoring!


All photos from the OCC Tom’s Hardware competition:

AMD Phenom II X4 940, 920, 925, 910, 810, 805 Processors


I knew it… what hasn’t been on the AMD road map that was released recently is the new type of AMD processors including the naming!


AMD plans to introduce 8 Deneb processors in Q1 2009:

Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition – 3.0GHz
Phenom II X4 920 – 2.8GHz
Phenom II X4 925 – 2.8GHz
Phenom II X4 910 – 2.6GHz
Phenom II X4 810 – 2.6GHz
Phenom II X4 805 – 2.5GHz
Phenom II X3 720 – 2.8GHz
Phenom II X3 710 – 2.6GHz

The first two support socket AM2+, while the others are aimed at AM3 and DDR3. In Q2, two more processors will become available:

Phenom II X3 600
Phenom II X2 200


More Information:

AMD Roadmap

AMD announced several new mobile processors in their new Roadmap, but when I look at it I wonder if I should wait for the next generation AMD CPU type (like Deneb or Orochi). I think also that Orochi will come faster than planned.


More Information (German):,news-241940.html

Edit: This blog post is from November 2008 – to everyone looking for recent news about the AMD roadmap and news related to it I can recommend Tom’s Hardware site search:

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