War is hell


“War is hell” – This is what an Estonian soldier says after a firefight with the Taliban in this documentation about NATO forces operating in Afghanistan. The series follows Estonian soldiers as they fight the Taliban on the outskirts of Nadi Ali.

Why am I posting such videos in my blog? Hmm… I think I have enough of Anti-Nato-HippieWierdos. Recently I’ve seen an Anti-Nato-Poster on the street near the office calling for a demonstration or something. I got so angry that I nearly teared it down.

… and btw I think the Mi-24 Hinds nicknamed “flying tank” are scaring the hell out of the Taliban 😀 They have seen them before 😉

photo by Army.mil


Soviet Afghanistan Veteran: They are doomed


“They are doomed” – this is what a Soviet Afghanistan Veteran said about the US & allied troops operating there today.

Documentary clip about a Soviet chopper pilot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOtZNDh2-Bo

… ah yea, and who messed everything up back in the 80’s? Well, the superpowers. These days we pay the price. I hope the western troops won’t make the same mistakes as the Soviets! Unfortunately it seems they do: http://defense-technologynews.blogspot.com/2008/09/nato-repeating-soviet-mistake-in.html

Memories of cold war


New Russian-Cuban friendship. LOL – yea… you are kidding me. For me this is again Russian Diplomacy chess strategy on the global map. How will Omaba react? Is he going to move the missile shield planned in Poland & Czech to the Marshall Islands? If he does he risks a withdraw of Polish & Chech Troops from Afghanistan. Very interesting situation. The press plays here a very important role lately. Press releases with an unknown origin about the cancellation of Russian Iskander Missile deployment go out. Great! Cold war politics! 🙂 … and this is happening in the middle of the global financial crysis but maybe Obama will know how to use that as well?