IAB SafeFrame


Last week I had the opportunity to present a relatively new IAB standard on a local ad industry event in Germany, the Admanagerforum (More: http://www.admanagerforum.de/). It’s a technology I highly anticipated and supported at Yahoo, the company I work for before it was even submitted to the IAB. I certified rich media vendors for it and made sure it rolled out properly across Yahoo sites in Europe and Middle East (EMEA). Some peopele say that too specific standards kill innovation in the online industry but in my opinion it’s the cure to many problems in online advertising. From security, ad fraud, code quality to billing and discrepancies. SafeFrame is an important step ahead in improving ad code quality in rich media ad tags, improving security for publisher sites and it provides the ability for billing based on viewable impressions too (finally accredited by the MRC). Ad fraud is something that’s more difficult in a SafeFrame environment as well. About half of the audience in the summit has been on DFP and Google recently implemented support for this in GPT so the feedback and interest was better than I expected. Approximately one third of the audience indicated interest in learning more about the topic later.

Enjoy this great infographic from the IAB website (http://www.iab.net/safeframe) and listen to my colleague Sean Snider, the software architectect who mainly developed SafeFrame at Yahoo and James Deaker explaining the viewablity aspect. My presentation in German is available here via OneDrive: http://1drv.ms/1CCLwcs


Get a Mac – Bean Counter

This is a funny ad. I don’t have Vista and I think I won’t really need it in near future, but Vista doesn’t make me switch to a Mac. I’m a gamer and the latest games just don’t come out on the Mac. So Ballmer was right when shouting “Developers Developers” … the game developers make me stay on the PC, yea and the price… Like everything for the Mac is more expensive. Not only the Mac itself. Even a power supply (for the G4 that I want to fix 😉 ) is more expensive. For the PC a basic power supply is like 30 Eur and for the Mac it’s 70 Eur.