10 years of NATO membership


It’s now 10 years since Poland joined the NATO. A historic moment and a win-win situation for the Western Allies and the Polish Army!

The Polish Army is serving in the hottest war zones – protecting the peace in places like Afhanistan

More Information (in Polish): http://www.tvp.info/news.html?directory=2788&news=890421

These days the Polish PLZ Mielec (that has been aquired by US Sikorsky) is delivering the first parts of the S-70iTM BLACK HAWK helicopter. Great stuff! Check out this nice Black Hawk video. The new BLACK HAWK will be build entirely by Mielec in future BTW.

According to TVP.info the Polish airfoce has now 48 F-16 multirole jet fighters additonaly to the Mig-29 & SU-22 fleet. Impressive!