The last day


On January 31st 2019 was my last day in the former Yahoo office in Munich (now Verizon Media). The special items of past and current brands on the photo will get a honorable place on a shelf in my living room! After almost exactly 15 years, many roles & responsibilities, various company strategies and even company names, a CEO Challenge and a LEAD award it’s time to move on to find new adventures and opportunities. Bleeding purple has been always a way of life for me and for a very long time I had a sticker on the back of my car saying “Do You Yahoo?”. It has been an exciting journey for me from my times as Product Manager CNS to the last role as Technical Solutions Manager. It has never been boring! I met great people, learned a lot, worked with state-of-the-art technologies, have seen amazing places on off-sites and had the opportunity to get completely new perspectives with various company mergers.

CPU madness – what’s the best CPU for me?

intel-core-i7-small 8742990

It’s time to get a new CPU for me. I don’t think I will get a Core i7, but I hope the introduction will lower prices overall as I plan to buy a Phenom X4 BE. PC Connection is selling the 2.66GHz Intel i7-920 processor with 8MB of cache memory for $334. IMHO that’s quite cheap. The Phenom X4 9950 Black 2.6GHz, 4MB Cache that I want to get is $218 at the moment.


My decision for the Phenom X4 might be unusual as it is NOT the most powerful CPU.

Phenom Benchmark:

I think that in connection with a 790GX mainboard and an ATI 4850 graphics card it’s exactly the right thing for me becasue a.) the Phenom X4 is cheaper than the Intel Quads (at the moment at least) b.) the Black Edition (BE) doesn’t have any multiplier lock so I can overclock it easily c.) the 790GX CrossFireX might get an interesting option to connect rendering power of the onboard ATI 3300 and the PCIe 4850 d.) it’s scalable – if I don’t want to buy the ATI 4850 I can use the onboard ATI 3300 for some time (It’s DirectX 10 ready) e.) I like AMD 😉

If you think I make a mistake in getting a Phenom X4 then please let me know in the comments! 🙂

Details about the configuration I want to get:





Images missing at WordPress?

Great, I just moved my Blog from Yahoo! 360° to WordPress because there videos stopped working there. Now images broke in WordPress. 😦 Will I ever have a reliable blogging-platform?  😉

Edit: They are back – but that was a scary feeling!

First post on WordPress

OK. 360° really goes down the drain… and hell, I have enough of it!!! Video integration broke last week. I start blogging here on WordPress now.

I have to think of this song here 🙂

From 2005 to 2008 I have been the Product Manager of Yahoo! 360° in Germany. I have seen the product from birth to death. From the first PRD (Product Requirement Doc…*** CENSORED *** CENSORED *** CENSORED *** CENSORED *** CENSORED *** CENSORED*** CENSORED *** CENSORED*** CENSORED *** CENSORED*** CENSORED *** CENSORED*** CENSORED *** CENSORED*** CENSORED *** CENSORED*** F… YOU BRAD GARLINGHOUSE *** GO F… UP AOL NOW!!! YOU F… !!! *** YOU WILL FAIL EVERYWHERE YOU F… *** 360° D… *** *** CENSORED*** CENSORED ****** CENSORED*** CENSORED ****** CENSORED*** CENSORED ****** CENSORED*** CENSORED ****** CENSORED*** CENSORED ***