Another amazingly bad console game PC port

The Amazing Spider-Man game is absoutely great … but someone didn’t spend enough time on the quality assurance after the game has been released it seems. It stutters on AMD graphic cards with recent drivers. I’m not entiery sure if it’s maybe not the fault of AMD who didn’t add an optimzed profile for the game but you can easliy fix it by fooling the game in thinking you have an Nvidia graphics card! Check out a detailed instruction here:

The problem with this workaround is that you have to delete the fake dll file each time and add it after running the launcher in the folder so I hope AMD or Beenox is going to fix it in a driver update of patch!

Also the developers didn’t add any proper anti-alias or it simply fails to work especially on indoor parts of the game. On a console it’s not that importat as you sit far away from your TV set but PC monitors are usually relatively close to your eyes. Turning on morphological anti-alias ( helps a bit but not much. I guess you can really fix that it by using down-sampling anti-alias tools like this SSAA-Tool:


We come in PEACE!

I rarely blog about movies but this one fascinated me since the production began and I followed every post about it on FB. I even bought a fan T-Shirt (it’s available on the store on their site). Yesterday the official trailer came out and I want to spread the word! Watch it and go to the Iron Sky website to get more info:

If you are interested to learn about the production of this movie watch the video below. They used mainly LightWave 3D for the CGI and custom PCs using multi-core-CPUs for rendering. More info about their choice and some Maya bashing:

The theme music is awesome too! It reminds me of James Bond movie themes a lot.

Laibach – B Mashina is super cool too.

Old doesn’t mean bad

I discovered an awesome German online service where you can sell and buy used DVD/Bluray movies, music and PC/Videogames. I bought GTA Vice City for 1,20€! (,476/pc-spiele/gta-vice-city-grand-theft-auto) Incredible FTW! OK, this game is 7 years old now but it’s still a lot of fun and you can get used to the crappy graphics. At the time of the release it was state of the art but it’s completely outdated now. I also sold some old games that I will never play again. Why should I keep them? I didn’t get much for them but that’s better them throwing them away IMHO.

Most recent games are like 20-25€ and the older they are the cheaper they get.

Example:,91416/pc-spiele/grand-theft-auto-iv-gta4 – GTA4 from 2008 is (currently – the price can get lower soon) ~14€,1105/pc-spiele/gta-san-andreas-grand-theft-auto – GTA San Andreas from 2005 is ~4€,476/pc-spiele/gta-vice-city-grand-theft-auto – GTA Vice City from 2003 is ~1€

Check it out if you live in Germany:

Similar services in the US: &

Hawking: If aliens in space ships did come to Earth they may be more “V” than “E.T.”

Hawking: If aliens in space ships did come to Earth, Hawking suggests, they may be more “V” than “E.T.”

This is exactly what I also think. “V” was one of my favorite sci-fi series back in the 80’s/90’s. In “V” the aliens pretended to look like humans and be our friends but they turned out to be some reptiles eating humans for breakfast. In “V” a small group of humans realized that and fights the aliens. Very nice TV show with a nice spooky sci-fi atmosphere.

BTW: There will be a remake of the 80’s “V” TV series. Looking forward to it. The trailer looks great!

Read more:


OMFG! Tron is the next cool re-make to come! So excited! Tron is one of my favorite movies.


A TV series that I always like to watch is A-Team. It’s so nice… they are such good guys and help the innocent and shoot everyone. Really nice dumb entertainment perfect for a boring Sunday afternoon! But what the hell is this… a movie???… and it looks promising too? Woahhh!

So this is the new A-Team with Liam Neeson as Hannibal Smith! Nice!


Ghostbusters III

Apparently there is a new Ghostbusters 3 movie coming! There are rumors it will be in 3D as well… looking forward to it. I bet they are going to use the latest visual effects in it but right now I’m playing the video game and enjoying the nice spooky Ghostbusters atmosphere!

More info on the new movie: &