The recent WikiLeaks incident will be in the history books of our children. Although US Secretary of Defense calls WikiLeaks insignificant it’s clear he lies and he does it without blinking (video: Impressive but THIS is the biggest disaster in US diplomacy I know of and every politician who denies it lies. The first reaction of the Italian foreign minister was that it’s the 9/11 of diplomacy. Later the Italian defense department said it’s rater April fools day than 9/11 but I think the first is more appropriate. I live in Germany and this week I bought DER SPIEGEL that reported as one of the exclusive media partner extensively about the  US embassy cables in relation to German politics. It’s really scary how many spies the Americans have everywhere reporting not to the CIA or NSA but to regular US embassies! I knew that allies spy on each other but the dimensions are immense.

Nevertheless it is WRONG what WikiLeaks has done.

The first leak contained unfiltered information that have not even be reviewed by WikiLeaks before publishing. Insurgents from Afghanistan or Iraq had just to download it and analyze to plan much better attacks on US and allied troops in this region. Irresponsible!

The recent second leak is a disaster for the US diplomacy and the shock waves of it might even cause wars in future. The leak is so evil that apparently FSB (former KGB) analysts think that there might be someone behind it and Putin told Larry King at CNN about this theory in an interview ( Indeed the only one who looked happy after the WikiLeaks release has been the prime minister of Israel as the US embassy cables have shown that Saudi Arabia asked the US to bomb Iran. Personally I don’t think there is someone behind the leak  in particular. Yes, some foreign secret services (of US-enemies) might support WikiLeaks but I think it was really Bradley Manning who leaked all the documents because he wanted everyone to “know the truth”.

The best analysis I have seen so far was is Y! News (originally a video by abc News: It shows the hacker who reached out to the FBI after being contacted by a person who indicated the willingness of leaking secret documents from the US military (Bradley Manning who is facing now a sentence of 52 years in jail: It was most probably him who leaked all the documents. Not only the video known as the “collateral murderer” helicopter attack from Iraq. BTW: I remember watching the video and it only showed to me what kind of dirty war we are facing in this region where Muslim insurgents bring their children to the battlefield as human shields!!! Disgusting! The video indicated the US pilots have done something wrong. My conclusion was the contrary. They behaved just right.

I hope there won’t be any third leak as announced WikiLeaks. The organization is under heavy pressure and their website will probably vanish from the Internet in the long term ( Amazon removed it from their servers and Paypal deleted their account. DNS providers are deleting the domains from their servers. This will continue till there is nothing left of WikiLeaks website but it will be in the history books of our children for sure. Not sure in what context it will be but I hope not it won’t be something like a “prelude to World War III”. In my opinion it has the potential to be exactly that.

Edit: Like a year later I changed my opinion about the leaks a bit. The damage was limited, it helped to end the war in Iraq, influenced the Arab spring and I think history will show more benefits of it. Manning will be the Daniel Ellsberg of our time…


Russias stealth fighter

Well… after 30 years Russians also have now a stealth fighter too: The Sukhoi T-50. IMHO it looks very much like the F-22 Raptor.



Swat valley


What a nice view, isn’t it? This is Swat valley. A popular place where Pakistanis used to go on vacation. Swat valley is today a nest of these Taliban-Suckers… really a shame that Pakistan allowed this to happen for so long! Finally the Pakistani authorities are moving their ass. I hope they can handle the military offensive on their own.


Cyber Defense Center of Excellence

Cyber Defense Center of Excellence in Tallinn, Estonia is the latest NATO effort to protect the security of our Internet-Infrastructure. Good to see that we have something like that!

… but look! What the hell is this? I see such posters very often here in Germany. This one says “No to NATO”. Maybe we should redirect all the DDOS attacks to the server of “Die Linke” – or even better – to the PCs of the members of this party?


War is hell


“War is hell” – This is what an Estonian soldier says after a firefight with the Taliban in this documentation about NATO forces operating in Afghanistan. The series follows Estonian soldiers as they fight the Taliban on the outskirts of Nadi Ali.

Why am I posting such videos in my blog? Hmm… I think I have enough of Anti-Nato-HippieWierdos. Recently I’ve seen an Anti-Nato-Poster on the street near the office calling for a demonstration or something. I got so angry that I nearly teared it down.

… and btw I think the Mi-24 Hinds nicknamed “flying tank” are scaring the hell out of the Taliban 😀 They have seen them before 😉

photo by

New plan for Afghanistan


“The new strategy will call for an additional 4,000 troops from the 4th brigade, 82nd Airborne Division out of Fort Bragg, N.C. , to train Afghan forces, U.S. officials said. As the administration trickles in more forces, it will also “surge” of hundreds diplomats and civilian specialists to help run elections, fighting rampant corruption and battle increased narcotics trafficking. It also calls for tripling economic aid to Pakistan.”


Doesn’t sound too bad – together Allied forces can do it! Check out this nice video of the Polish “Alfa” combat group in Afghanistan.


Tom Clancy’s EndWar


Last year I got an gift certificate from my company (I think it was for Christmas). After I found out that I can only redeem it on and not on I left it for a while. Now I ordered a DVD for my wife and Tom Clancy’s EndWar for me 😀 The game arrived yesterday so it will be the first game on my new AMD Phenom II machine. I’m very curious and will post more soon. The voice recognition in the game must be very cool. I know, I know… I post about real military hardware and games lately. Sorry about that. 🙂

More Info about the game:

Edit: I had only a few hours to test but the voice recognition is really a lot of fun! The focus on one unit is something new for me but you can just call other units via voice and let the engage in combat. Nice!

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