Progress on PKiN

When I find time I work on my ETQW map PKiN (Palac Kultury i Nauki – a soviet style skyscraper in Warsaw, Poland – like now in my holidays. Finally I added windows and interior.

The map is my latest hobby level design project and I don’t expect many people playing it once it’s out. ETQW (Enemy Territory Quake Wars) is losing players to newer games and there only a few servers running custom maps so I will need to implement bot support for sure.


PKiN details

Hmm… I think I need to simplify the re-construction of all details of the Palac Kultury for my PKiN map. Otherwise it’s gonna kill the project. Here is a screenshot as of today:


Drawing some brushes


Today I got to draw some brushes for my PKiN map (info: . It’s the first time since our baby is born that I have time for this. Usually I’m so tired after work that I don’t even turn on my PC and I try to help my wife with the baby. Today I got up early and it feels great! 😀 Level-Design makes me happy. 🙂

Early Project PKiN


I thought I show everyone what I’m working on (hobby-wise 😉 ) in terms of level design:

work in progress – early test of atmosphere and textures

BTW: The music is not intended. I had iTunes running in the background when I recorded the video.

Screens from the SDK editor (also work in progress):




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Project PKiN: Get the proportions right


In my recent Quake Wars level design project PKiN (Palac Kultury i Nauki – btw, the building is probably the most significant skyscraper in Warsaw) it is very important to get the proportions right.

First I imported a Google Earth model in Blender, rebuilt half of the geometry as it got sucked in by the import script 😉 , then exported as OBJ, imported in the SDK and now placed on a plan that is actually a little map. 🙂 Next I will start rebuilding the the model that I imported in brushes and then add more and more detail.

Track the progress here:

Obama Ads in Video Games

I think this is smart… really smart. This is the state of the art advertising. The latest and best… and the Obama campaing is using it. Respect!

Adlerhorst TE

I’m working on a Tournament Edition of my Adlerhorst map. Check out some feautres:

Open balcony at the Adlerhorst itself

Open balcony at the Adlerhorst itself

More cover for Allies

More cover for Allies

A nice place for Allied snipers.

A nice place for Allied snipers.

Axis can now better defend the bridge. I added a bunker.

Axis can now better defend the bridge. I added a bunker.