The surprising truth about what motivates us

So funny… I can confirm this 100%! People who earn too much money tend to behave like retards at work and people who really believe in something are the best performers and really make a difference.

BTW: I also contribute in community software projects (for free of course) – this my website:


Author of the book about this topic:


HTC EVO vs iPhone4

Hilarious! 😀 The guy who made this video nearly lost his job at Best Buy although he didn’t say anything about it in his video.

Personally I don’t like Google Android (that the HTC EVO runs for example) but I think it will continue to grow market-share as phone makers just need some fancy OS on their smart-phones or tablet computers. I think Google will discontinue their Nexus One bullshit thingy at some point. They already closed the online-ordering site for it. What should I say about the iPhone? For me the iPhone is still the coolest smart-phone ever built and as with all other Apple hardware or software (like the Mac and Mac OS) it was clear that some competitor will copy them one day and try to take away their business. It’s pretty weird it’s Google though. I don’t think Microsoft is really out of the game either… Windows Mobile is still a great mobile OS and the new Windows Phone 7 just looks cool. Where is Yahoo! in this mobile game BTW? Well, Yahoo! does now Apps for both platforms:

Old doesn’t mean bad

I discovered an awesome German online service where you can sell and buy used DVD/Bluray movies, music and PC/Videogames. I bought GTA Vice City for 1,20€! (,476/pc-spiele/gta-vice-city-grand-theft-auto) Incredible FTW! OK, this game is 7 years old now but it’s still a lot of fun and you can get used to the crappy graphics. At the time of the release it was state of the art but it’s completely outdated now. I also sold some old games that I will never play again. Why should I keep them? I didn’t get much for them but that’s better them throwing them away IMHO.

Most recent games are like 20-25€ and the older they are the cheaper they get.

Example:,91416/pc-spiele/grand-theft-auto-iv-gta4 – GTA4 from 2008 is (currently – the price can get lower soon) ~14€,1105/pc-spiele/gta-san-andreas-grand-theft-auto – GTA San Andreas from 2005 is ~4€,476/pc-spiele/gta-vice-city-grand-theft-auto – GTA Vice City from 2003 is ~1€

Check it out if you live in Germany:

Similar services in the US: &


Today I connected an old VHS recorder to our TV. We got it from my mother in law as they didn’t use it anymore and we have a lot of VHS tapes and wanted to show them our daughter (our old VCR broke btw). It’s rally amazing how I got used to the good quality of DVDs on my LCD TV. VHS tapes look blurry and the colors are weak and everything is 4:3. Eeek! Remember the VHS copy generation quality loss? Check out this video show it in an extreme way:

Happy Easter!


Recently I installed Quake Live and played it… really nice! Felt like back in 2001 playing Quake III Arena at the LAN of the media design academy I attended (BTW: When our teachers found out we are playing the free Q3A demo we really got in trouble). Quake has many fans out there! Check out this nice fan-movie:

More Arenas movies:

Free Quake Live:

Help Save Macquarie Banker’s Job

Did you see the guy watching nude photos at work? Did you notice he’s reading emails before opening the photos… now guess what? This has been most probably an office joke! Someone sent him an email with the photos and a “turn around now” in the email!

Join this campaign to save his job:

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