Prototype 2 memory leak

Prototype 2 is an awesome game! Unfortunately shorty after Radical Entertainment released this game they went bankrupt and shut down (more: They even released a very nice port of the game for PC that has better graphics than the console version but the problem is that for many users it’s causing a nasty memory leak problem. I’m one of them.

The Activision & Steam forums are full of reports and attempts to fix it.

Activison should hire back some of the Radical Entertainment folks to fix this mess!

As this is not very likely to happen because most game publishers are greedy bastards I tried most of the solutions on the forums. One of them by 123_level_123 seems to work but it’s pretty weird:

“I have found out that the game will never crash at all if you alt + tab to the desktop and wait 5 minutes and then return to gaming. Do this alt tab method I would say any where from 10 minutes of playing to 20 minutes and wait 5 minutes before returning to the game. The reason this works is because while the game is not up and not being played the system is freeing up that memory that the game had which reduces the crashing. I will not be like the last guy and say this is a 100% fix or even a temp fix at that. Its more like a give it a try and pray for the best. Truth is if your like me you would return this game or stop playing it because it is broken and may never get fixed.”

So basically alt + tab before accepting a mission and after completing one solves the problem but is a bit weird. It works though and I hope I can beat the game using this workaround.

Edit: It must have something to do with the CPU or the main-board chip-set. I upgraded my machine (perviously AMD Phenom II 920@3,4GHz, 790X AMD Chipset. 4GB RAM) to an AMD FX-6300@4,5GHz, 970 AMD Chipset, 16GB RAM and the problem is gone. Also a friend with an Intel CPU and main-board didn’t have any problems.


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