Stereoscopic 3D with AMD HD3D and an Acer GR235Hbmii

This hot piece of Taiwanese hardware is my new monitor. It’s a 23” gaming monitor with stereoscopic 3D using polarization technology. My verdict after a few months of using it? It’s for sure worth the money! The Acer is currently priced around 170 Euro and is not only “3D ready” it IS “3D enabled” even for AMD users (like me) as you connect the monitor via HDMI 1.4a and this allows using native AMD HD3D support (i.e. in games like Battlefield 3, Dirt 3, Deus Ex Human Revolution) or running TriDef for other or older games.

There are a few confusing and misleading specs floating around the interwebs so let me clarify:

  • Make no mistake, this not 120Hz! It runs 60Hz or 75Hz in 2D and 23Hz in AMD HD3D mode.
  • The TriDef driver IS included and supported.


  • Low price
  • Low input lag and response time
  • Nice design
  • Feels large even as a 23” monitor
  • Supports AMD (former ATI) graphic cards via AMD HD3D and TriDef
  • The polarization 3D glasses don’t need any batteries and are thus are not heavy
  • You can use any polarization 3D glasses, even those you brought from the cinema
  • Games with native AMD HD3D support run with DX11 and only a small performance impact (a good example is Battlefield 3 – with AMD HD3D I can play on high – with TriDef I have to switch to medium quality settings)
  • The TriDef forum is pretty cool and helpful


  • Polarization 3D feels a bit blurry as it’s using interpolation
  • TriDef is a performance eater. It cuts the FPS of a game in half.
  • TriDef creates more ghost images than AMD HD3D.
  • Not all TriDef profiles work as expected. In Assassins Creed Brotherhood i.e. players have black eyes. A work around is avaibable but you have to find that in the TriDef forum.
  • AMD HD3D is scaling down the image via HDMI. This can be fixed in 2D mode via the overscan/underscan settings in Catalyst Control center but in 3D mode you get black borders. This looks like a bug and reported this to AMD and Acer

So what games do I enjoy most with stereoscopic 3D?

  • 3rd person games like Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction or Avatar the game just look cool as the character you play always creates a level in the foreground.
  • FPS shooters like Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 look pretty good but actually I tend to close an eye when aiming so it’s even hindering the gameplay a bit. The only advantage I noticed was in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer where you have small maps and other players often come out of corners or doors close to you. In that case the 3D was helpful to notice the enemy is close and make a melee attack.
  • Surprisingly Sonic Generations looks super cool in  stereoscopic 3D
  • Racing games like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit look sweet too

What about movies?

  • The are are few demos that come with the TriDef drivers and there is a site where you can watch and buy 3D movies online:
  • I have no Blu-Ray drive in my PC so I can’t tell if playing 3D Blu-Rays would work. I plan to buy such a drive though. Will update the post with learnings of course.
  • YouTube works perfectly with 3D and this monitor and actually has a lot of nice content.


  1. Thinking about getting this monitor myself. This is the only place I have read that this is HDMI 1.4a (not even the acer website says what version of hdmi it using). I am glad that you said about that. I am also going to be using this with AMD HD3D so I needed to know if it supported HDMI 1.4a.

    If you don’t mind there are a couple more things I would like to know about this monitor.

    What 3D formats can it use? I mainly going to want to use SBS (side by side), but would be nice it is could use all the 3D formats (side by side, top and bottom and Frame Packing 3D etc.)

    Also can this do 1920x2205p in 3D? To give true HD 3D viewing.

    • Hi, it’s always interlaced what you get and yes it is true HD 3D with the double height in resolution.

      • Thanks 🙂

        So no option to choose SBS if you are using a SBS file then?

        Like youtube.

        Well that sucks 😦 Most 3d content is SBS. If this monitor can’t do side by side then its going to be pretty useless.

        Are you sure there isn’t an option in the menu? Find a 3D video from Youtube and select “Side by Side” from the 3d options on the youtube player then full screen it.

        You will now get a video with two images. One on the left and one on the right.

        You should be able to select “side by side” in the monitor menu to turn that into a 3d image.

  2. Go to about 4:30

    • Sorry for the late response. With YouTube it works perfectly. There is a setting when you click on the small “3D” icon that sets interlaced.

  3. I ended up getting this in the end. Got it for £135.88. Really awesome monitor.

    It has no option for SBS but I could use a free program called sView to play SBS video on it.

    • YouTube offers the setting for interlaces so I’m totally happy with it. It’s really an awesome monitor for a truly great price. I can only recommend it to everyone.

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