Deus Ex: Stuttering Revolution

A few weeks back I bought a Deus Ex Human Revolution Steam activation key on (they sell them cheaper as the codes probably “fell off” from promotional packages). The game is one of the best rated PC games that came out last year on Metacritic with 90% ( What I did not expect is that the game engine is totally buggy!

Deus Ex Human Revolution is even an AMD Gaming Evolved title (the equivalent of “How its meant to be played” by Nvidia) that supports DX11 features.

I have an AMD Phenom II 920@3,2Ghz, AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB, 4GB Gskill RAM, Asrock 790GX mobo and fuck, the game stutters like hell when entering new areas on maximum, default and even low quality settings in DX11. DX9 is no option as the stutter transforms to a hanging or freeze for a second. I run all other new games like Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, LA Noire on high or maximum settings without any problems on my system BTW. The worst about this is that the developers of the game seem to be tapping in the dark. They released a patch that was supposed to fix it but it helped only a certain group of players. They found out that AMD FX CPUs run constantly around 10 FPS and there is even a fix for that… but the rest of players are stuck with the problem. Some players report they could fix it by running the game in windowed mode, some say they turned on HPET in the BIOS, some under-clocked their graphic cards. Others say they changed refresh settings. For me nothing helped and I am not alone!

This how the stuttering looks like:


Useless FAQ by Eidos Community Managers:

So what I will do now is to imagine that the stuttering is a side effect of the cyborg augmentation and run the game on highest settings 🙂 The game itself is really awesome and I enjoy playing it a lot.


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