We come in PEACE!

I rarely blog about movies but this one fascinated me since the production began and I followed every post about it on FB. I even bought a fan T-Shirt (it’s available on the store on their site). Yesterday the official trailer came out and I want to spread the word! Watch it and go to the Iron Sky website to get more info: http://www.ironsky.net/

If you are interested to learn about the production of this movie watch the video below. They used mainly LightWave 3D for the CGI and custom PCs using multi-core-CPUs for rendering. More info about their choice and some Maya bashing: http://www.liberty3d.com/2011/06/iron-sky-day-37/

The theme music is awesome too! It reminds me of James Bond movie themes a lot.

Laibach – B Mashina is super cool too.


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  1. Maya sucks. It nearly sank this film and destroyed its chances of being released.

    Here is how the score went.

    Maya = 1+ Year, 5-8 artists, no shots done for the big battles sections of the film.

    LightWave = 6 months, 5 artists, all shots for the big battles sections done for the film plus more.

    Maya Artists on Salary.
    LightWave Artists on Contract.
    There were two Maya artists who stayed on in the trenches with us and they were good guys, but the lead maya guy.. pffff….

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