Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3

With Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 not only the most anticipated games of the year meet but also two multiplayer philosophies and even two graphics rendering APIs.

Let`s round up:

Modern Warfare 3

Rendering API: outdated OpenGL version

Engine: IW 5.0 –

Singleplayer: 6 hours

Multiplayer: 16 maps

Vehicles: No

Teamplay: Limited

Server stability: Low

Battlefield 3

Rendering API: newest DirectX 11 version

Engine: Frostbite 2 –

Singleplayer: 6 hours

Multiplayer: 9 maps

Vehicles: Yes

Teamplay: Yes

Server stability: High (but Client stability is low at least on my PC)

I’m comparing MW3 and BF3 for PC but some of this applies to consoles as well. Where should I start? Singleplayer part… there I liked MW3 better than BF3. Although the graphics engine is worse the single player is an awesome action packed ride where you basically don’t have any time to look at textures in detail. They are lower in resolution than in BF3 but rarely you see fails like the one below (notice the car mirror). In general the levels are very well designed and pretty beautiful in a lot places. The BF3 singleplayer campaign is nice but MW3 is just the sweetest FPS action around.

1:0 for MW3!

The MW3 multiplayer is again the same kind of place for pikey asshole like players like COD:BO and MW2 has  been. There is basically no teamplay expect that some players can drop bullet vests now but this is a very limited gameplay element. The new game mode is called “Kill Confirmed” and is basically team deathmatch with collecting dog tags. Something I first have seen in the Crysis 2 multiplayer. The tone on the servers is pretty rude… players insult each other with “you noob” all the time and take themselves and the game too serious. Not to mention the frequent host migrations and connection problems. This kills the fun most of the time.

Battlefield 3 is maybe not the most teamplay supporting game but the elements are much stronger. You need to work together as a team to win and this is what I really appreciate about the game. It’s not only about quick reflexes but also about helping you team. The maps are really huge in size and each has a Rush and Conquest type. The best multiplayer experience currently!

1:1 as BF3 scores here


In my opinion there is no clear winner so if you can GET BOTH titles!

I wish there was an objective based stage progress game mode like in the 2010 Medal of Honor where you escort a tank called “High Value Target”. Similar to Quake Wars  Enemy Territory , Wolfenstein Enemy Territory or Brink. Well… you can’t have everything.




  1. Love the blog and currently enjoying my bf3 game, if you need help get a bf3 guide here

  2. It’s always going to come down to personal choice. Much like the other PS3 v 360, PES v FIFA debates.

    The only real way to find out which is better is to try both and see which suits your style of gameplay best.

    Both MW3 and BF3 have their strengths and weaknesses. I like MW3 for it’s faster pace and closer style of gameplay, and I play BF3 differently and take a more slower approach to the game in terms of combat.

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