Ubuntu Ultimate Edition – linux for gamer beings

During the winter holidays I finally found some time to pimp my PC with Linux. As the distro of my choice I picked Ubuntu Ultimate Edition Gamers 64-bit. Probably the best Linux for gamers. It comes with some of the greatest free titles available on this operating system like Urban Terror (UrT) and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory(W:ET). Both are Q3A/RtCW total conversion mods and great hits (did I already mention I built a custom map for W:ET? – http://www.pazurmapping.com/adlerhorst_gal1.htm). Also pre-installed is Warsow, an extremely fast FPS game based on the Q2 engine that I personally don’t like but it pro-gamers love it!

So what is my experience so far as someone who used Microsoft Windows since 1989? BTW: My first Windows ran with monochrome graphics on a 286 machine (I blogged about this some time ago when I decided to upgrade to Windows 7: https://warczyk.wordpress.com/2009/03/01/windows-7/).


#1 It’s fast. REALLY fast. I’m using Gimp and Blender in Windows as well and the program start feels much faster in Ubuntu Linux.

#2 It secure. Basically you don’t need any real time protection virus scanner that’s slowing down your PC because it’s not possible to infect your Ubuntu Linux unless you install malicious software from untrusted sources.

#3 The disturbing hard drive noise is gone. I don’t know what Windows is doing on the HD all the time but it makes really much noise. I always thought it’s paging memory to the hard drive but with 4GB RAM (that I have) it shouldn’t page anything or only when absolutely necessary. In Ubuntu Linux the noise is gone! I hear only the CPU fan…this is why I initially thought there is something wrong with it (Ubuntu didn’t recognize the CPU fan thermal sensor of my ASRock AOD790GX/128M mainboard – but apparently this can be ignored).

#4 Driver installation is easy. The first Linux I ever had was the Suse distro (on my Pentium 120 – OV 133)… gosh, I had to invite a friend to come to my house to install the 3dfx graphics drivers! Remember 3dfx add-on graphic cards? Ha… you couldn’t get anything better at that time (around 1998/99). In Ubuntu Linux divers are no problem. Even better: the OS suggested community tested ATI/AMD drivers! Excellent.

#5 It’s community-driven. This operating system is what I call “from the community for the community”. If you have a question just go to a forum and you will find engaged and competent Linux fans who will for sure be able to help you. In my case I went to the official Ubuntu Ultimate Edition forum. I met there really great people!


#1 The Firefox browser on Ubuntu Linux didn’t work with my DSL modem/router. I knew this cheap piece of shit from China (Shanghai DareGlobal Technologies re-banded as Alice Modem 1121 WLAN) always had problems with DNS servers but on Ubuntu Linux this became a really a big problem. The router just forgets about DNS servers for whatever reason after some time. On my Mac PowerBook running OS X 1.4 this resulted in about 60 seconds waiting time when accessing the time synchronization service and on Windows 7 in pages not being found from time to time. On Ubuntu Linux this resulted in very long loading times. Yahoo.com loaded for 60-70 seconds compared to the normal 5  seconds (cache cleared). I installed Chromium (the Chrome without all the Google-Spyware) and it worked without any problems. It turned out it’s accessing some own speed-optimized DNS service. After installing OpenDNS (http://www.opendns.com/) the problem has been gone! Firefox worked as expected.

#2 Flash in Firefox on Ubuntu Linux crashed on right-clicking. It turned out I had to update my Flash to 10.3 to fix this problem manually. Firefox didn’t show this Flash version when installing the plug-in. I think this 10.3 is some development version. It boosted the FPS of flash apps too!


Ubuntu Ultimate Edition for Gamers download: http://ultimateedition.info/Ultimate%20Edition/gamers/

Edit: If you are looking for some awesome non-FPS-games on Ubuntu check these-> http://houcemhachicha.blogspot.com/2011/01/6-ubuntu-free-addicting-games-youve.html

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