Mafia II and the Nvidia deal

Mafia II is an awesome game, there is no doubt about that but it supports only Nvidia for the physics. That’s sucks big time! OpenCL is a hardware acceleration standard supported by both Nvidia and ATI. Awesome… but 2K Games didn’t implement it. Instead they went for Nvidia only PhysX support. I’m not sure how much Nvidia paid them but that’s really stupid. You will get Mafia II even bundled with 4xxNvidia cards so it’s clear there is some kind of deal:

1. Such “It’s meant to be played with Nvidia” logos didn’t make me more loyal to Nvidia when I had Nvidia graphics cards.

2. Now that I switched to ATI (won’t never go back to Nvidia BTW) these logos that come up when starting the game really piss me off.

3. OpenGL/OpenCL, DirectX/DirectCompute are standards that are supposed to make life easier for gamers, game publishers and hardware manufacturers. Nvidia-only-PhysX is the opposite.

On the right you see the experience for ATI-owners with PhysX off (running on the CPU results in ~10fps depending on the machine)

So in general Mafia II is really worth playing even for ATI users but game publishers should stop putting those “It’s meant to be played with Nvidia” logos in their games because they might just annoy too many people having “the other” graphics card. Review@Gamespot:

More about the “It’s meant to be played” program: ttp://

So this is OpenCL … “the way to go” FTW:

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