ATI 6000 Series

At work I have a 24″ screen and I consider getting one for home. Maybe a HannsG or Samsung. The problem: 1920×1080 is ~60% square pixels more than 1280×1024 (what I have now) and this higher resolution needs more VRAM. I have only 512MB and running that with my current graphics card would result in lower fps. So soon it will be time for a new graphics card for me (I have a XFX 4830 right now). What would fit my needs is either an overclocked 5770 like the PowerColor HD5770 PCS+ VORTEX or a standard 5850… but somehow I “smell” ATI releasing the 6000 series soon. The 4xx Nvidia series is cheaper and more powerful than comparable ATI cards so ATI/AMD has to come up with something new. There is some speculation going on at Tom’s Hardware:

Let’s see how fast this is going to happen… and yea, with 1GB VRAM I will be able to play GTA IV finally with 100% quality 😉

EDIT (Oct 3rd 2010) : Now the AMD Radeon HD 6770 and 6750 Video Card Specs Leaked!

EDIT (Oct 22nd 2010): The new 6000 generation is finally out the door!–6870-review/

this is how they look like (the picture on the top is a 5770 and no 6xxx BTW)