Make your XEOX gamepad Xbox 360 compatible

This is the controller I bought for GTA IV as the game supports only the Xbox 360 controller from Microsoft since one of the latest patches. Guess what… it just looks like a Xbox 360 gamepad but it’s not compatible with it. OK, it’s much cheaper (around 20€) and it has rubber panels that are really nice. Overall a decent gampad but not compatible with the original Xbox 360 controller.

First I started mapping keyboard keys to the gamepad with Xpadder ( but then I found out that it’s pretty hard to drive like that as such an A-S-W-D control mapped to a gamepad stick it not very precise. Now I managed to emulate the Xbox 360 gamepad with the XBOX360 Controller Emulator by Racer_S. I had to fine tune the .ini file in order to make all the buttons work but it runs perfectly now.

So if you have the XEOX gamepad and want to turn it into a Xbox 360 gamepad then get the emulator and install my .ini file. It should work with every game that supports the Xbox 360 gamepad!

Instructions and D/L of the emulator:

My custom .ini file for the XEOX: (replace the original file with this)


Specs of the XEOX: (in case you look for a good but not expensive gamepad)


The latest version of the Emulator has a preset for this gamepad that also supports vibration! Download it at:

Here is how to use it:1. Unpack the file you downloaded from (download link is on the left hand side – current version is

2. Run the exe included in it
3. If the program asks for it allow it to create an .ini file
4. Select from the drop down on the bottom the preset for Speed Link XEOX USB Gamepad (SL-6555-SBK-A)
5. Save the preset
6. Now copy the content of the unpacked folder to the folder that hosts the .exe of your game (i.e. Batman Arkham City\Binaries\Win32\BatmanAC.exe)
7. When starting the game you should hear a soft “bing” when the game starts that indicates the controller is working

Please note that with the Xeox you can’t press the left and right trigger at the same time as shown in this video I recorded: . In GTA IV for example this means you can’t aim by pressing the left trigger and then shoot by pressing the right trigger. I’m using the gamepad for driving in GTA IV and the mouse when shooting so this works for me but there are games you might want to play with the controller only.

One of the readers of my blog commented below telling that the new product line of XEOX gamepads (6556-wired and 6566-wireless) has got an interface to switch between Xinput and Dinput (like the Logitech F series) so there is no more need to use an emulator. Only the 4446 model (for PC and PS3) still needs it.


  1. Hello,

    I also bought the Speedlink XEOX controller, but I can’t run the xbox controller emulator,
    I just see 2 red crosses and there’s no possibilitie to get in the program

    • Strange. So you can’t even open the testinput.exe (or however it’s called)? Maybe you need to place this in a game folder or install the XEOX drivers first… for me it worked perfectly. I’m on Windows 7 64-bit

      • Hee man you’re quick responding, ok!

        Ok first of all I bought this controller especialy for GTA IV, same as you, then I downloaded the Xbox controller emulator v3.0. I’ve put all the files that came with the download in the GTAIV folder and it seems to respond but not perfectly. The 1234,78 and the xtra LT,RT buttons react diffrent as shown on the picture of the emulator. So you’ve made an own configuration file, i’m interessted were to put that file of yours. Maybe I do something wrong, could you make an easy step to step to do list to make it work. I use Windows 7 32bit

  2. Witch version of the xbox emulator do you use?, version 1.0 the oldest seems to work but not perfect.

    • I’m using the latest version but if you think that an older version works better for you then it’s fine. For me all buttons work as expected though I don’t know how the original Xbox controller behaves. I heard that you have force feedback and rumble effects when crashing a car in GTAIV on the Xbox… something that doesn’t work with the XEOX or the PC version… not sure where the support is missing as the rumble effects of the controller seem to be fine in the driver settings.

  3. Thank you very much ! 😀
    Everything works fine now , and the controller is good too.
    Good Job ! 😉

  4. Hello!

    Thx for the ini file, but I have problem with my Speedlink controller.
    (I use the XInputTest to test on Win7)
    LT and RT buttons, and the vibration motors are didn’t work.

    Pls, help me!

    Thank you!

    By! M&M

    • LT and RT work perfectly for me. Maybe play around with the ini file a bit to make it work. Vibration never worked (just like for you) in games but in the XInputTest it works.

      • The LT and RT on my speedlink doesn’t work either. So what should i adjust on the ini file to make it work?? Everything else works..

      • not sure why but for me it works… I recorded a video-demo:

        I’m using x360ce vibmod … if LT an RT don’t work at all that could mean there has been a change in the hardware.

        please note: you can’t press LT and RT at the same time! they work as a “slider”. you see that in the video. you can press only one at once. not both at the same time.

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  6. Great post. Can you reupload the ini file because link was broken. I try to set up it but it’s difficult for me. I bought SpeedLink xeon for Alone in the dark but it’s support only xbox controller. Thank You for reup 🙂

    • Just added a mirror on SkyDrive

      • Everythings works well, thank you so much.

    • I write a own ini file and everything works except triggers, i dont know how to map it. Can you help me, please? thanks

  7. What’s the overall quality of this gamepad? I am planning to buy a couple of those. How are analog sticks and triggers doing in-game?

    • I like the rubber panels and the analog sticks behave pretty well in my opinion. In some games better than in others.

  8. What’s the overall quality of this gamepad? Are analog sticks and triggers too hard or maybe too soft? I am planing on buying a couple of those, primarily for PES 2011 but also for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Shift 2 Unleashed and other games. As for emulating, check this app: It’s pretty good and is being regularly updated.

    • This is exactly the emulator I’m using 🙂 I might update the version soon to see if vibration works now as well so thanks for the link.

  9. Don’t work at all games. Speedlink SL-6555-SBK-A.

    All buttons etc works well but when you press both RT and LT they both go off.. That’s why I can’t use this for GTA IV, Mafia 2, 007 Bloodstone.

    But some driving games like Need For Speed works well.

    • Actually for Mafia II and GTA4 you don’t need to press LT and RT at the same time when driving. You need it when aiming and shooting but there I have a mapping of RT on the left-mouse-button with Xpadder. I have to admit this is sub-optimal but a good work-around.

      • Would be better if these “RT and LT” are just buttons, so you can press both at the same time.

      • I tried to put RT to left-mouse-button but LT still goes off when I press RT.. I think this isn’t emulators fault, it’s just this controller.

        Games I’ve tested: GTA IV (not working perfectly), Mafia 2 (same at GTA), Need For Speed: Hot pursuit (works perfectly), Prototype (works perfectly), Assassin’s creed: Brotherhood (works perfectly). So this means you can only play games where you don’t need to press both triggers (point and shoot).

      • Yes, I think it’s the controller as well. As mentioned for GTA4 and Mafia2 I have Xpadder where I mapped one of the other controller buttons to Left-Mouse-Click. This way I can aim and shoot by pressing this alternative button. Not optimal but works. For GTA4 I have it on the button above LT and in Mafia2 on the blue button.

        I wonder if there are free alternatives to Xpadder…

  10. I tried this xpadder system.. It didn’t work with me very good. This is old topic but it would work somehow in most point & shoot games if I could change LT’s and LB’s places (LT would be LB-button and LB-button would be LT-tigger).. I tried but it doesn’t let me do it. But anyway good controller for many games.

  11. Hi, I made the mistake of buying the speedlink XEOX and I have downloaded the emulator, but It still wont work.
    I am running windows 7 64 bit.
    Can someone walk me through the process of setting up this emulator? since I apparently dont have the mental faculties to figure it out on my own…

    • Hi,

      I don’t think it was a mistake (it is cheaper and I personally like the touch & fell better) but I’ll drop you an email.

      Piotr aka Pazur

      • Hey

        Could I get the guide as well? It seems I’ve bitten more than I can chew, so help would be appreciated.

      • I added a detailed step-by-step tutorial to the blog entry so it should be clear what to do to get it running.

  12. Ok so what about steam game files, how do I find those on my computer.

    • Sorry ignore that, ok so I followed the steps, I’ve got it on Saints row the third, however it works as far as the main menu, however when I go into the game it stops working.
      Where as before it would ‘work’ on main menu and in game just the wrong configuration of the buttons. So is there something missing?

      • You should hear the “bing” sounds when the game starts. It then means the emulator is active.

  13. the speedlink xeox gamepad – usb is bullshit. the config with the slider buttons is really horrible. i try the controller with the x360ce tool. but to play batman arkham city isn´t possible realy well. cause sometimes you need both slider buttons at the same time. and i try to change the positions of the sliders. i wanted the left slider as button 5 and button 5 should be on the left slider. and right slider should be the button 6, and button 6 should be the right slider. but it is impossible to config it. i´ll give the controller back to my dealer and play the game now with a ps2 controller. sorry but f***ing microsoft controller. and that the game say what kind of controller i have to use is crap too.

    • I have the original Xbox 360 controller for PC now buy only because my three year old daughter bit off one of the controller pads on the Seedlink LOL

  14. New line of XEOX gamepads (6556-wired and 6566-wireless) has got interface switch between Xinput and Dinput (like logitech F series ). So there is no need to use emulator anymore for them. Only 4446 model (for PC and PS3) still needs it because is on DircecInput interface.

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