Old doesn’t mean bad

I discovered an awesome German online service where you can sell and buy used DVD/Bluray movies, music and PC/Videogames. I bought GTA Vice City for 1,20€! (http://www.rebuy.de/i,476/pc-spiele/gta-vice-city-grand-theft-auto) Incredible FTW! OK, this game is 7 years old now but it’s still a lot of fun and you can get used to the crappy graphics. At the time of the release it was state of the art but it’s completely outdated now. I also sold some old games that I will never play again. Why should I keep them? I didn’t get much for them but that’s better them throwing them away IMHO.

Most recent games are like 20-25€ and the older they are the cheaper they get.


http://www.rebuy.de/i,91416/pc-spiele/grand-theft-auto-iv-gta4 – GTA4 from 2008 is (currently – the price can get lower soon) ~14€

http://www.rebuy.de/i,1105/pc-spiele/gta-san-andreas-grand-theft-auto – GTA San Andreas from 2005 is ~4€

http://www.rebuy.de/i,476/pc-spiele/gta-vice-city-grand-theft-auto – GTA Vice City from 2003 is ~1€

Check it out if you live in Germany: http://www.rebuy.de/

Similar services in the US: http://www.goozex.com & http://glyde.com/


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