The more I read about HTML5 and the more I get the feeling that Apple is behind all this! One of the most important new tags of HTML5 is the <canvas> tag that is a kind of 2D drawing API… and guess who owns this standard? Ohhh yes… it’s Apple. Just read the Wikipedia entry (


At the time of its introduction the canvas element was met with mixed reactions from the web standards community. There have been arguments against Apple’s decision to create a new proprietary element instead of supporting the SVG standard. There are other concerns about syntax e.g. the absence of a namespace.[2]
[edit] Intellectual property over canvas

On March 14, 2007, WebKit developer Dave Hyatt forwarded an email from Apple’s Senior Patent Counsel, Helene Plotka Workman[3], which stated that Apple reserved all intellectual property rights relative to WHATWG’s Web Applications 1.0 Working Draft, dated March 24, 2005, Section 10.1, entitled “Graphics: The bitmap canvas” [4], but left the door open to licensing the patents should the specification be transferred to a standards body with a formal patent policy”

So everyone screwed the promising SVG format that’s used in my favorite open-source 2D drawing program Inkscape ( SVG supports animation and Firefox renders SVG without plug-ins but doesn’t play any animation. What a bullshit! Now everyone supports the format for <canvas> but what the hell? I don’t want to code my graphics like 25 years ago on my Sinclair ZX Spectrum where I typed something like “draw 100,100” (I found the syntax btw – pretty cool –

Sure… what you can do with <canvas> some clever Javascript and CSS is impressive (Example: but that’s still nothing a designer can handle! I think most designers will stick with Adobe Flash ( and the rest of the Creative Suite. It’s not free (Flash is 699$ bucks) but it allows people who didn’t read tons of books about Javascript and CSS to create compelling animations, websites and interactive content.

I hope someone comes up with a powerful authoring tool for HTML5 where I can draw, animate and code stuff just like in Flash! Maybe it will be Adobe itself?

Edit (December 10th 2010): My assumption has been 100% right! Adobe is working on a HTML5 animation tool –