Today I connected an old VHS recorder to our TV. We got it from my mother in law as they didn’t use it anymore and we have a lot of VHS tapes and wanted to show them our daughter (our old VCR broke btw). It’s rally amazing how I got used to the good quality of DVDs on my LCD TV. VHS tapes look blurry and the colors are weak and everything is 4:3. Eeek! Remember the VHS copy generation quality loss? Check out this video show it in an extreme way: http://www.cinemassacre.com/2010/05/26/vhs-generation-loss/

Progress at OnLive

OnLive, the revolutionary cloud gaming service where you play games via video-streaming on remote servers is making progress!

Meanwhile they partnered with AT&T and are opening their service for a kind of public beta program. It seems that you can already sign up if you are an US citizen as the sing up form shows US ISPs – not sure if EU subscribers are allowed but I guess not.

“Welcome to the OnLive Founding Members Program presented by AT&T. Subject to availability, Founding Members will be selected from this Waiting List on a first-come, first-serve basis starting June 17th, 2010. Limited-time, limited-availability offer.”

OnLive CEO at E3: ttp://e3.gamespot.com/video/6266426/

OnLive: http://www.onlive.com/