64-bit Windows 7 driver drama

This is my scanner… an Epson Perfection 1240U. OK, it’s not the newest one but it’s still a great semi-professional scanner. Today I tried to scan something and found out that there are no 64-bit Windows 7 drivers!

That’s now my second device that doesn’t have 64-bit drivers for Windows 7. The first was my Creative Videoblaster web-cam but there I just bought a new one as web-cams are not very expensive. Scanners start about 100 EUR so I tried to find a solution. It turned out that there are many people who have the same problem and they all try to hack a 64-bit driver of a Perfection 2400 (more info in German: http://www.windows-7-forum.net/windows-7-treiber-hardware/3384-habe-treiber-fuer-epson-perfection-1200u-modifiziert-fuer-windows7-64bit.html) Unfortunately the hack didn’t work for me so I had to get a software called VueScan (http://www.hamrick.com/) that supports my scanner in 64-bit. Epson really disappointed me. I always liked their products and recently bought a new Epson printer but the missing 64-bit drivers for my old scanner and the recently bad quality of their website (contact forms can’t be sent – broken character encodings – etc.) make me think there is something wrong with Epson right now.



  1. What about Vista 64-bit drivers maybe?

    • No way… there are none either. There are only Vista and XP 32-bit drivers for my scanner by Epson.

      • I’ll have to be careful, I’m thinking of going Win 7 64-bit.

  2. sometimes windows7 won’t install if you install it on a pc with a previous installation of windows XP *

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