64-bit Windows 7 driver drama

This is my scanner… an Epson Perfection 1240U. OK, it’s not the newest one but it’s still a great semi-professional scanner. Today I tried to scan something and found out that there are no 64-bit Windows 7 drivers!

That’s now my second device that doesn’t have 64-bit drivers for Windows 7. The first was my Creative Videoblaster web-cam but there I just bought a new one as web-cams are not very expensive. Scanners start about 100 EUR so I tried to find a solution. It turned out that there are many people who have the same problem and they all try to hack a 64-bit driver of a Perfection 2400 (more info in German: http://www.windows-7-forum.net/windows-7-treiber-hardware/3384-habe-treiber-fuer-epson-perfection-1200u-modifiziert-fuer-windows7-64bit.html) Unfortunately the hack didn’t work for me so I had to get a software called VueScan (http://www.hamrick.com/) that supports my scanner in 64-bit. Epson really disappointed me. I always liked their products and recently bought a new Epson printer but the missing 64-bit drivers for my old scanner and the recently bad quality of their website (contact forms can’t be sent – broken character encodings – etc.) make me think there is something wrong with Epson right now.

Yahoo Mail gets less Spam than other free webmail providers

Yahoo sometimes just rocks. The Fraunhofer Institute (yea, the inventors of MP3) confirmed in a scientific study that Yahoo! Mail gets less spam than other free webmail providers like Gmail or Hotmail. Presonally I can confirm that… Hotmail was horrible in terms of spam a few years ago and got better but my Yahoo Mail gets far less spam. Excellent!

More Info: http://www.ymailblog.com/blog/2010/05/it%E2%80%99s-official-no-one-fights-spam-harder-smarter-or-better-than-yahoo-mail/