The airplane-crash of Smolensk

Like most Poles I’m shocked about the tragic airplane-crash of Smolensk where the Polish president, his wife and many more have been killed. I heard the news from my mother in law who called my on Saturday and said I need to turn on the TV because Kaczynski died in a plane crash on his way to Katyn. I felt a little bit like on 9/11.  It was truly a shock! Now a few days later the question about the reason comes up. My first thought was of course that the Russians must be behind this. Kaczynski didn’t make any friends in Moscow when he supported Georgians in the war with Russia. Then I have seen on TV that this has been one of these old TU-154 airplanes that are known to get broken. One of these went to Haiti with rescue workers after the earth quake there and couldn’t get back because it broke on the airport. So maybe this accident happened because something broke on this plane during the flight. Now I think it has been the cussedness of Kaczynski himself who insisted on landing in very bad weather conditions and maybe additionally something on the plane stopped working correctly. I’m curious what the investigations will show!

I see one good thing in this tragedy. The world public and Russians them self now know what Katyn is. A place where Soviets murdered more than 20.000 Polish soldiers and maybe this is a chance to re-think the Polish-Russian relationship. In general Poles and Russians have a very similar mentality and should not act against each other. An attempt to express this is the open letter in the Polish press:,artykul_info.html

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