First Battlefield Bad Company 2 impressions

Yesterday I got the new Battlefield Bad Company 2 and started playing the Singleplayer. My first impressions are pretty mixed. It plays more or less like COD but in my opinion the game has too many graphic glitches like brutal LOD (level of detail) switches that make stuff pop-up from nowhere and low-res textures on the terrain in many cases (on high quality settings). Also stuff hovers sometimes (see screenshots below).

Overall it’s nice to play and I like the funny comments of the bot-buddies. The difficulty is challenging on “medium” and you really have to get used to the fact that cover is not cover like in other games. Grenades can destroy your cover quickly… and then you gotta run! Fast…

Here are screenshots of some graphic glitches like hovering stones or bricks and fog problems (on my ATI 4830):

In the Multiplayer I leveled up to rank 4 in a few days. It’s pretty fun but the maps got smaller and I wonder why 64 players are not allowed anymore. I also wonder why tanks can’t drive on the ruins of destroyed wooden houses… unrealistic! Pahh!


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