AMD Phenom II X6

Looks like there will be a new kick-ass CPU from AMD coming! The AMD Phenom II X6 aka Thuban!

AMD did an excellent job with optimizing CPU, chipset and the graphics-card in the Dragon platform (I have such a configuration at home BTW) and will probably come up with a new combination called Leo based on the 890FX/GX + SB850 chipset and the ATI 5800 series of GPUs. Let’s only hope AMD acts quick and releases the new six core Phenom II X6 and the Leo platform soon!

More Info:–enthusiasts-dream-setup-/7537.html


  1. This processor should be twice as fast as my AMD Phenom I X3 which is in the pc that I have and as of late a virus scan on my mechine takes only 30-45 minutes and I can run a copy of at the same time.

    • I would get a different virus scanner then. The X3 is not that bad and if it makes your system too slow then it’s just a crap piece of software. Not the fault of the X3.

      Right now I run the MS Security Essentials virus scanner on my Phenom II 920 and it runs perfectly in Windows 7:

      If you are looking for a more professional virus scanner then I recommend Avast:

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