Finally it’s out and probably I will get one as a replacement for the old G4 PowerBook that we are using at home as a Couch-Internet-Surfing-Device. What I miss in it is a DVD drive for watching movies and a simple USB port. Apple announced a USB-converter called “iPad Camera Connection Kit” so you can get your photos on the iPad but IMHO it should be just there. Of course you can get movies via iTunes and then watch them on the iPad but DVDs are something you can buy everywhere and watch wherever you want. If you watched the Apple Keynote you maybe noticed that the New York Times didn’t have ads when Steve Jobs presented it… that’s because the Mobile Safari doesn’t have Macromedia Flash. For me the web experience is not complete without Flash so I think Apple needs to do something here! It amazed me as well that the iPad can’t handle multitasking so you wouldn’t be able to write an email and listen to music at the same time. A nice to have would be a webcam… but hey, for surfing the internet, checking emails and watching youtube videos it’s perfect!

More info: http://www.apple.com/ipad/specs/

Nice coverage: http://www.mayursha.com/blog/?ref=Yahoo

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  1. I think Apple has just created another content consumption device. Check out http://adnanymous.wordpress.com/

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